On Transhumanism

Can we assume “there” are good motives in “their” neopagan humanist heads, surely, but always remind yourself with the proverb that “the path to hell is tilled with good intentions”, now “they” are just trying to make it as wide as possible in context of transhumanism (lust for superhumanity)! The main problem is actually how the system is rigged in context of plutocracy and behaviorism as sociopolitical leadership, when normally all inertia will be direct towards technocracy, and defacto even now the same exists but imposed by “democratic” means like the illusion of free and just elections or independent oversight by the agencies!

When I say “they” while in same time take as culprit science as rooted in alchemic empiricism, probably someone will say aha he is condemning all academia, what is not true, simply generalization is not my meme i.e. I am over and over claiming “they” as euroatlantic determinists hijacked all that can be from the scientific realm i.e. instead as scientists to keep critical skeptical mindset many from the academia follow blind with calm, respect to all that stood bold to all recent by executive order skewed bioethics when m’rna genetic revolution is in question eg. like dr.RobertM, specifically hijack done whether by seduction whether by authority, and in case of transhumanist agenda most probably with combo approach intimidating by authority all blindly to “believe” in the exceptionalism of “their” knowhow and intentions (yeah to chip’in as much as possible broilers in “their” hive), normally so authoritarian flow would be secured foremost for “them” was important to put in pocket generals and spooks, and not just so would keep them quiet but so in “their” name directly would oversight all the process, probably on the bluff how the bionic&genetic agenda is utmost important for the security and defense of “their” invisible euroatlantic empire, now represented only by “their” defunct otan alliance which just waits the day to burst as bubble …

… the rest is just history repeating (once have the strong’boys on hook or on’board) when science is hierarchically put in motion to chase “their” lusts for ultimate control&power - behaviourist’milgram’experiment comes to mind [1][1] i.e. how to bend the academia to work out whatever “globalist” ea-elites lust for, about what there is still not public awareness how exactly this is done, tho I found really amazing the points by dr. AndrewGH how this process goes through the peer’review’skewing ((( do patiently check the 2nd footnotes in the next footnote [1]’[1] ))) what later need just to be regulated by even easier corrupted fda to approve whatever the plutocratic system needs to end up with ease in the heads of euroatlantic citizens (You can see european “decentralized” agencies like ema as locket) so we dont need to wonder whether next level of hiving will go through all subsidized by “them” food and pharmacy chain!, in name of “their” “great’reset” rushing towards n’w’o as heaven’on’earth and superhumanity as apotheosis!, hm probably many would not bother to check what antropocentric apotheosis means so here is definition [2][2][2] simply man lusting to become god i.e. in “their” false humanism “they’ve” reached ultimate pride complex that either “they” will catch the opportunity (while Christians still are kept asleep and peddled by humanism on all scientific and sociopolitical levels) or will perish [3][3] simply if “these” humanist deists earlier were trying by hedonistic&materialistic propaganda to peddle all on acceptance&submission, now are trying by fear propaganda to finish “their” inherited pharaonic agenda from the enlightenment era ~ “for progress without any moral limits till reach utopia”, yet since then again and again were failing to reach even near realization of “that” selfdelusion, nor will this time, tho we need to be aware that “they” dont bother too much whether will flush new hot’world’war just so would stay in control over all ruled by “them”, its something like clannish survival reflex that hits the demons’in’their’heads-anathema-to-them!, so we all need to understand that most effective way to stop that inertia is by Prayers and so the same approach of nonviolent resistance by Grace would be indeed effective I’ll accent do step out from apostasy as Christians and get back to the Orthodox Christian Roots …

… probably this post should had have go between the last two, still I need the previous bump so would point how such alchemic (“golem” alike) reasoning could be pushed even nowadays (by the humanist academia) through particular skewing of the peer’review’process i.e. how “some” elites push “own” neopagan narrative above all willing to be praised scientists! I mean this is more obvious by “their” obsession for “must” have dark energy black holes in astrophysics if anyone wants further funding [1][1] and isnt this pure neopagan alchemy i.e. paint’it’black everything coz some goth’noir’complex, aside that that is done by very wrong basis of “their” fundamental physics, what super simple is debunked as wrong exceptional mainstream scientificism by AlexU [2][2][2] and when we will mirror this neopagan obsession on molecular now expanded in synthetic biology tied to the funds of deist “globalist” elites that are after superhumanity i.e. lusting to become gods by puhs’of’button, then defacto we can be certain with what kind of wrong transhumanists we have work, at least the truth will set You free not to fall on “their” fearmongering to become blind guinea pigs mids “their” local or global experiments! …

… now, if this wasnt case, it would be ideal to see in motion wide eTOS circumstances [3] so would be evaded corruption risks that now easily slips through “their” plutocratic filters, usually slipping behind closed doors, and even more usually with naive if not stupid excuses and assurance that experts know what they do, yeah in plutocracy cmon, go tell as expert anything opposing the mainstream narrative You will be dismissed politely as Tesla was in the past, practically on all levels not just in the mainstream science!, but so would not go too offtopic I’ll just add ~ either the system will be widely opened, or all aware of the risks from “their” globalist agendas can should and need even now to rush to optout from “their” system, alone just coz “their” agendas rest on the exceptional authority of skewed science, when if there are elites with wrong agendas “and there are” surely You are risking to end up as human resource ready for whatever “they” need want or imagined that should be!

I can argue that potentially as idea tool or agenda bionic&genetic trends can be from use to the Mankind, surely many scientist believe thats what are after, but when the compass of the euroatlantic determinists as western elites points to transhumanism plus boosted by malthusian or global warming cataclysmic fears, then what we are witnessing is inertia towards debacle of empirical spins, with certain predictable outcome like modern eugenic horror or apostasy by default if we see realization of “their” universalist religious agenda for one’love’religion as needed glue for “their” utopian n’w’o! Interestingly vatican in this plays largest role, but as could be seen from the previous post second 2nd footnote [4] its obvious that some popes earlier didnt have this in mind, yet knowing how as always there was infiltration there (in vatican) then we can also grasp how so there were such pontiffs which embraced this utopian agenda, in my opinion bringing all the rest cardinals in submission to the same cause solely coz unum sanctum centralization [5][5]–[5][5][5] what had after to the earlier theological also new profane consequences, thus now noone can freely object the pope!, with rare exception to the rule recently [6][6]’[6] and probably if the issue was not plain in public surely excommunication would followed, what earlier in history not rarely was done even by direct poisoning so there would be any afterecho, and this simply means if some pope decide that by infallibility “he indeed” is godhead in this world that would mean debacle for all how centralized is the catholic realm, what seeing the ecumenical’universalist tendencies dejure is step from happening [7][7][7] so be clever wake up and debate in time about all these risks so would not be caught mids fire as loosen or asleep, in this last case not mids transhumanist fire, but path to secure damnation of souls!

This reasoning opens door for what-if assumptions like “isnt now the time for the apocalyptic marking”, hm cant say with certainty whether beforehand people will be marked or will receive d’mark’of’d’beast afterwards, logically after, and there are yet still many things to come before that happens, altho even now many are harmed from the trial phases [8] if we assume that indeed these jabs were coz such catalogization [9] and to some extent around the timing there is comfort that potentially d’false’prophet-anathema-to-him will come from russian lands [9] hm maybe some frustrated ex’victim of the current otan-crisis in Ukraine, or maybe some khazarian transhumanist infused with nanobots and empowered as by kabbalist so as by a.i. shadows [9] but this is only wrong assurance that now its not the exact time so lets loosen, no even now we are at risk from all trials&errors of the transhumanist bionic&genetic revolution that is released on wide door without any bioethical or ecoethical debate but done covertly with executive order in the s’c’2 plandemix [9][9] so what we need now is will for eTOS so at least we could hope that no other covert and deadly experiments will drop ahead!, Hm, will we come to such momentum I cant say!, simply we need to focus on invoking extra Grace through Prayers so would stop “this revolution of theirs” and further mandated suffering, but how if many are already massively fear’porned so now till bone scarred from entering Church, particularly those that are traditional Christians, on what as prompt antifear response think it would be wise in time to be pointed on the chance for constant natural immunization by CBD [10][10][10] foremost to be invested extra effort so this fact would be addressed by specific trials and reaffirmed the positive correlation for boosting naturally the immunity (CBD > lymph nodes > t-cells), and potentially like that to be finally loosened the paranoia (from “their” viruses), so People could overcome the fear of going in large crowds simply calmed by regular boosting of their immunity with CBD and again normally attend their Church!, hm, I really see as almost rigged spin the plandemix (stirred by ea-determinists(their demons-anathema-to-them)) so by more graceless circumstances would come more easier to “their” neopagan n’w’o goal, not that “they” can, yet somehow after “their” plandemix directly or indirectly due to less Inchurched Life we can assume that the same circumstance indeed it was rolled mommentum for the ukrainian crisis, hm, surely the same crisis was rigged [12][13]-[12][12] and surely there was earlier anaconda doctrine inertia [12][12] but still think the pressure valve burst exactly coz the plandemix’crowd’paranoia and as consequence lesser attendance in Churches i.e. less invoked Grace upon this World!,…

… tho here I am crossing in too offtopic soteriological and eschatological reasoning that as probability cant be weighed thus risking to be condemned for superstition, simply we cant claim with certainty particular metaphysical causality if we handt observed it with open spiritual eyes thus it would be wrong this assumption to be taken for granted!, as if the Grace is per’se only gifted to us solely by Prayers and not from Mercy coz simply if it was measured to us by righteousness even till now we have crossed all limits of normal Christian Ethos as secular republican societies! Still this dont means we should loosen, on contrary if we are aware in front of what kind of risks we stood as transhumanism, then defacto we need to focus on greater Prayerful feat as personally so as collectively, solely by wide debate and wide opening of the system we cant assume that the risks will stop to exist, simply ea-determinists even were expelled from misusing the system in “their” benefit for pushing on small transhumanism, who can say that “they” cant spin similar inertia by private 12’monkeys scenario!?

This logic can point that there are various factions in this x-man agenda, probably onboard with different expectations (check the 9th footnotes to learn about the earlier sponsors), stil we can narrow “them” on few prime levels 1. kurzweil alike academy dream about transhumanist singularity till “cyborgs” (d ghost’in’shell meme), 2. ea-determinists anthropocentric apotheosis till level of “gods”, while 3. military lusting for ultimate weapon and control, eventually all projecting own motives between each other, but defacto its futurist agenda that is secured on globalist’political’level executed by military while prepared by synthetic microbiology so would be achieved as quick as possible standardized man’machine’merging, tho “they” obviously need greater experimental pool of volunteers coz faster process what think was rolled with the sc2 plandemix and its emergent m’rna jabs i.e. its graphene oxide used in form of lnp particles - for cortical modem purposes needed coz hiving and that coz multilevel scientific military and political goals - from analytical through policing till submission goals, now if the ontopic academia was sincere about this [1][1] globalists through w’e’f hararis hackable’animal’meme too, we need now just pentagon to shout out strait the link between all through darpa projects!, hm, is it enough that some e’revolution inertia was as always part of usaf [2][2][2] or we need some loud announcement on megaphone!?, yeah 6g or 7g greetings directly in the head coz at least that agenda as inertia is known [3][3][3]-[3][3]-[3][3] tho maybe dont want to brag coz for military these are just toys and nothing special, but as always the problem is/are “those” who see generals as own’dumb’toys that just serve to "their"ea-globalist agenda [4] “those” which sleepwalk towards far more greater utopian social engineering i.e. ultimate push’of’button totalitarian control and conditioning [5][5][5] those who dream for universal soldier and x-man possibilities!, assertions of mine probably unbelievable for the first time reader of this kind of elaboration for the transhumanist hype of the euroatlantic determinists and “their” deist&humanist stamina, but once its seen how long exist such mindset of “theirs” it should be understandable that is word for occult inertia towards apotheosis [6][6][6] (check in context the 17th footnotes at the end of the post) … Now, ask Yourself when some ultra’gobal’elite is not Christian, and dont have fear from above, and even as atheist, wouldnt “they” come to ultimate pride like that, when deism even is not ideological driving force in “their” heads again ultimately comes to apotheosis i.e. to lust for or/and see “themselves” as gods, aside that indeed “their” ancestors were freemasons and even more as such deists had have standardized utopian agenda, then whats the odds that there are no real risks when transhumanism is plain agenda of “theirs”!? Yes, You can ignore the risks, and yes You can and should Hope that “they” cant and will not succeed, but that will not bring secure future if dont act and question “their” tech agendas and goals, especially not coz we’ve already saw by “their” scenario failed plandemix but also seeing failing geopolitical anaconda doctrine and on top failed fake manufactured street revolution coz marshal law till technocracy so would suspend any democratic opposition, be wise this risk still exist in form of fueled by infiltration uprising [6] and if we evade this, then whats next, hm, just ordo’ab’chao left as unplayed card from “their” hat, So calm “their” anger as much as possible by Prayers …

… The Reason why I constantly point that we need to corner “them” by Christian Prayerful Feat by invoking extra Grace upon this World should be obvious to all, yet I’ll repeat this notion over and over again so would be clear that indeed is issue of Christian Monotheism vs paganism how particular euroatlantic elites by “their” wrongly employed free will through few centuries became hostages of evil theology and philosophy which brought “them” to level of ultimate pride that “they” are or can become gods through the transhumanist tech, possessed elites which dont care what will be the toll to “their” horror ambition what can be seen clearly how covertly by trickery legalized the bionic&genetic revolution through “their” plandemix when with “their” m’rna jabs coerced many to take part in “their” till now largest invivo experiment in name of eugenics, and to those that will argue how eugenics is not current euroatlantic but obsolete nazi skim I’ll remind You that social darwinism which is root to that skim is common denominator for all western elites as earlier so as nowadays just changed skin after ww2 with more euphemistic designation like behaviorism, defacto the chase for x-man continued as by genetic so as by bionic scientific inertia [7][7][7]–[7][7][7]-[7] all that defacto fermenting by neat agitprop coz public acceptance [8][8][8] defacto all nazi scientific peers in the field were pardoned and imported near or in usA and defacto the funding was secured by the same bancorp elites actually as always [9][9][9]-[9][9][9][9] thus the rush for superhumanity didnt stopped nor dismissed and always through the argument how all is done in the name of resolving sickness, first making from all in need for cure an patient guinea pigs, normally with excuse that that is done coz higher cause of ultimate human wellbeing, employing utmost wrong trial&error approach by mainstream exceptionalism, but unlike the same as imposed to wrongly postulated astrophysics that have wrong side effects on paper, in case of medicine through “their” exceptional chemical balance or germ theory the wrong side effects affected the health of Mankind [10][10] in same time not leaving to pass through “their” peer’review filters any effective remedies or approaches so would keep “their” current eugenic medicine alive [10][10][10] on what probably some will argue due to lucrative reasons is forced such hype, and till some extent it looks alike [11] but I am certain that in essence “their” inherited neopagan alchemic empiricism put extra wrong inertia on many levels coz “their” inherited utopian neoplatonic and deist ideals, even economics is tweaked as is coz that, where the usury was secured by various wrong standards and theories’of’games which in turn are securing even more this neopagan strive of “theirs” (for chasing heaven’on’earth and superhumanity) how through their woods&hills is secured greater centralization of wealth in hands of “few”, yeah “liberal market” with clanish fuse! [11][11][11]-[11][11][11]-[12] so its even more clear that “they” while acting cosmopolitan humanists defacto brought only overexploitation except dread experimenting with “their” humanity in the name of “their” reason!, and maybe not all academia had have some covert motives but when put in pocket in “their” neopagan coat [12][12] normally would become part of “their” utopian edu machine, and solely by secular upbringing later would easily took the bait to work out whatever needed in the name of scientific progress, usually having good intentions but defacto fueling “their” neopagan agenda for superhumanity and heaven’on’earth!, normally many fooled smoothly that ethics is secure fuse in the system, but how so if we are aware that neoplatonism is the prime base of “their” humanism, how so if on that is glued ultra liberal capitalist opportunism, how so if we know that “their” scientific naturalism is deterministic till success but what is not feat but lust by all means to reach success, yeah resting on all alchemic inertia till reaching apotheosis which by all means how is derived as medieval neopagan syncretism is nothing else but reinvented western hermeticism that as we see end up in transhumanism (probably coz couldnt bring “enlightenment” by esotery so “they” said lets try by biomechanics) defacto all earlier freemasonic inertia “now” shifted in theosophical hermeticist wrap up!, simply euroatlantic neopagans that in one or another way or by one or another crew chasing antropocentric apotheosis [13][13][13][13][13][13] how else we would explain the lucis trust ties to “united nations”!?, practically we dont need to wonder how if we know that “their” curriculum is stirred in such way so it would be hazed the alchemic origins of “their” humanism, and I find this really amazing how this is peddled easy even in philosophy so would be hidden per’se from wider attention this link but from humanism some say direct general emphasis is given to antiquity without strong focus on the medieval vibe hm maybe labeled in agitprop terms as dark ages so with ease would defocus the majority to sneak in it, leaving it as specialization issue for few that could not anyhow like that raise the question for the neopagan stamina of the current scientific mindset!, and maybe if earlier that wasnt so pronounced case think after ww2 it needed to be coz the greater pool of higher education thus greater risks the academia to be exposed how and why is hijacked to chase “their” deist agenda, after all altho Christianity was silenced through secularism still Christianity was alive as main religious affiliation of the masses that could eventually indirectly stop “their” agendas if got momentum, but how if it was not exposed the neopagan stamina of humanism and all recidives of the “age of reason”!?, yeah I really find amazing how by subtle means this risk was steered away as JayD points education wrapped with 1,5k vail of leave it dont bother (claim on 46:20 [14]) hm, cant ignore the fact that “they” are afraid not to be anyhow reached momentum for exposing “their” roots as neopagan, risk beyond imagination towards “their” utopian agendas all to work out the same without any second thoughts, even in question was totalitarian technocracy in place on west, what about now when “their” plutocracy still has open channels for opposite though, altho even that is subtly suppressed by various gaslighting means, while recently through “their” plandemix in attempt was rushed totalitarian censoring. and luckily “their” vaxing skim proved deadly by greater margin while in same time cant be cover up easily, thus we are seeing again some loosening at least on twitter, tho its question are we witnessing full reiteration or just one faction wants to say leave it vaxing cant bring the hive online now is time for chipping by food coupons!?, hm, how big’pharma investing hype slipd in big’nutri one [15][15][15] I’ll not exclude the possibility, simply to expect that “these” modern pharaohs after few centuries deist inertia now will step back is really shallow, altho we can step out from “their” swamp reality as in times of Prophet Moses, while those Christians that will refuse to do so its better to prepare for Martyrs Feat, foremost by rural reemigration to secure own selfsufficiency so would not depend on “their” system and its skims&spins for utopian society and superhumanity! Dont whine that You cant, and even for homeless that is better option if really want to escape the risks of the street vortex tho with little help by aware Christians if they help rural communes tomorrow could come handy the same for themselves in case if and when would be deprived from urban freedom by this current authoritarian plutocracy waiting to shift in totalitarian technocracy [16][16][16] hm, when w’e’f project un’utopianism arent “they” speak for global technocracy and isnt that long dreamed utopian goal of euroatlantic determinists [17][17][17][17] to which political agenda defacto is imbued the transhumanist lust for superhumanity and logically religious universalism as glue so such utopianism would be in general secured from any theological opposition that could question “their” road to apotheosis but actually enthronement of antichrist-anathema-to-him to “which” as is Prophesized in The Revelation all willing or fooled to kneel would lose the chance for Salvation as damned coz utmost dread idolatry, in effect surely many embracing “such progress” as scientific humanist apex but many also lobotomized through forceful penetration in their minds [18][18][18][18] thus now is the time to corner such inertia with hope at least will be exposed how humanist scientists now play with fire, after what we can expect that ea-determinists indeed will roll out ordo’ab’chao scenario so through global political and economic cataclysm would reach chance to peddle all for embracing “their” utopianism, yeah of “their” aliens-anathema-to-them!

Think this assertion is somehow vague, as not so factual but expressive point, coz the idea for futurist (industrialized utopian) society effectively is pushed since the beginning of the past century [1][1] yet if the blueprint is laid by neoplatonist rosicrucian standardization i.e. new’atlantis’utopia [2] that rests on platonic reasoning for city’state ideal [3][3] so “their” agenda is per’se utopian and less futuristic as the same ideal is tied to nationalism as rightwing neopagan hype, while “their” internationalist leftwing hype is resting on the ideals of the paris’commune, actually enlightenment revolution raise in two streams (read serpents) as socialist and liberal hype i.e. left and right neopagan utopianism, altho per’se those who laid the blueprint and stirred the revolution had have in mind gradual shift towards “utopian” society, first by republicanism substituting royalism in its first phase [4] after that experimenting with various skims how where can stir inertia towards what, while that to culminate with “pax’universalis”, and indeed the experimental phase was fix i.e. altho the socialist hype burst on european soil, defacto it was released as experiment on russian, as finalization of the first phase for overthrowing the last stronghold of Christianity what would be Russia, altho the infiltration was in motion even earlier [5][5]-[5][5] and altho intellectual elites were corrupted and belonged to fraternities stil The Last Tsar was not kneeled thus it was instigated the coup and executed he and his family (now coz their feat of martyrdom venerated), actually it wasnt coup per’se but ocupation through infiltration with help as from within [5] so as from outside tho foremost outside [5][5] surely by owned freemasonic puppets [5][5][5][5] what is less known that the major esoterical order (to the minor freemasonic one) are rosicrucians as true teuton masters, actually the prime motors behind the socialists, one of “them” as lets banalize version 4.0 is RudolfS with own twist of alchemy as upgrade to ElenaB theosophy (yep neopagan standardization 1.0 rosicrucianism 2.0 freemasonry 3.0 theosophy while 4.0 antrophosophy) [6][6][6] even some say he was fella of lenin&co [6] to what maybe neat rossicrucian connection in this context would be the basel box [6][6][6] as one of the prime alchemic centers if not prime one (probably just one of “rudolfs IV der stifter” safehouses for alchemists in habsburg empire) yeah the basel box where actually were organized the swiss’socialist’congresses [6][6][6] So if follow these last footnotes its easier to grasp how so boshevism was western experimental spin, what also can be further recognized by the fact that in west the same ideal as heavily controlled by “their” euroatlantic bank’corp’elite was constantly suppressed (till the right conditions for the next phase of reemerging of pax’universalis would be secured as shift from democracy to technocracy i.e. from republicanism to globalism) altho defacto “they” fueled thuleans&co but we can exempt nazis as experiment coz it was not cue coz power grab but coz recovery from necessity i.e. “they” arranged national’socialist’rise once the soviet experiment got independent so the euroatlantic determinists got new situation to deal with and brought puppets that eventually took refuge after ww2 in “their” side of the iron curtain!, so the german’national’socialism was rushed to challenged and stop the already steaming independent soviets after the “owned” leninists&trotskysts evaporated from the scene!, maybe ea-determinists were afraid that stalinists would ask for the looted gold from the revolution that end up in “their” vaults, as I remember lenin was executed coz that, So ww2 was attempt for reset of the eastern independent soviet technocracts, but again west failed and even lost ground further, and up until now for all the period of the cold’war it was rush how the rebranded eastern empires would be brought to submission, probably many think that the dissolution of ussR and infiltration in China (in both cases through and coz negotiated economic reset) was victory for west, still geopolitically speaking the eastern empires just played exhaustion, Andropov Doctrine comes to mind [7][7][7] thus east only shapeshifted (theoretically in fullness (Russia) or as amalgam (China)) coz open penetration on west markets, so like that would compact its strength that started to lag behind after the western '70s boom of the electronic revolution, and as we see now east defacto got equal with modernization of its weapon potentials and economic selfsufficiency even in the first case leads at the moment if not for good!, but what is more important in Russia happened another crucial change due to this move i.e. except throwing of the pentagram from the flag as neopagan freemasonic curse, in same time it was awaken Orthodox Christianity on full scale, and altho still republican order once Russia got own Faithful President simply now is the last stronghold of Christianity with chance again to become in fullness Royal Blessed by The Church Power …

  • … actually like this all Christians got opportunity for Awakening and Repentance from/for the ultraliberal hedonistic materialistic and egoistic trends, but also to see the day the long dreamed n’w’o inertia of euroatlantic determinists exactly when was attempted to be imposed instantly to be challenged and paused, tho solely coz “their” exceptionalism how “they” see “themselves” as ultimate rulers of the world, what is inherited complex from the past overthrow of vatican with pax’britanica and in line pax’americana later, that since then is pushed to become pax’universalis as one’world’order under “their” rule!, hm, probably if werent so proud and greedy could had have already achieved “their” n’w’o tho like that its question whether would prevail as ultimate elites, yeah fear is “their” only god when need to peddle Christians on submission, hence if Russia didnt arose as Orthodox Christian Bastion again probably ea-determinists would had have found calm ideas for n’w’o shareware while now are indeed afraid thus act still from indoctrinated geopolitical fear, but we all know that the pride is highest lust that throwed not few empires in ruins coz exceptionalism, thus now “they” stumbled on own wrong causality that coz neopagans cant reset it coz nor as neopagan deists nor as pagan polytheists can anyhow evoke Grace coz “their” idolatry is not anyhow omnipotent but act only by force and through trickery!

But solely as geopolitical chess move defacto what soviets done was pragmatic technocratic move, so by shifting in capitalism would also try to infiltrate west and reemerge from within as equal, yet this probably was understood by west thus kept the guard high and even more again pushed their nato expansionism so would catch the momentum of eastern capitalistic shift as around Russia so as around China, and atho in general west gave promises that that will not be case still (as I assume) while knew about the andropov doctrine broke the obligation, hek “they” are braking even signed deals what about oral promises, for “them” as neopagans if we see the past few century diplomacy gain by trickery is common as daily news on tv, I mean when earlier didnt were afraid to poison popes what about later mids “their” republicanism to remove secular obstacles however that is easier done, simply “they” saw Russia in this context as easy case after “capitalized” but what “they” didnt expected is that will be stopped by Orthodox Christianity, simply knowing that the spiritual world is basis for this one, then it dont takes too much so when some leader in this case VladimirP even mids republicanism would rule as Faithful to get extra Grace upon his rule [8][8] and knowing how Russia in all this time was acting primary defensive that proves this logic, yet now maybe ea-determinists hope that through the ukrainian crisis would lose Grace and fell apart, tho “they” as neopagan ea-determinists always forget that Ukraine was defacto russian birthplace and plus how by trickery as neopagans tried to hijack it, then defacto Russia dont need to fear whether will won, simply Our Almighty Lord as is Love so is Law and Order even more is disgusted when neopagans are trying to saw discord among own brothers So whats the odds that Russia will lose Grace, on contrary west under “their” neopagan rule is suffering from this wrong geopolitical push to make even from Ukraine own puppet, imagine Russia was doing the same with Canada or Mexico, what do You think what kind of metaphysical effects will popup, and even Russia was worlds’reserve’currency printer or had global’financial’casino in its pocket as at the moment is case with usA, still even like that would had have failed to come next door to usA, what about if usA was reborn as Orthodox Christian Bastion!?, but the neopagan euroatlantic determinists simply blinded by deism dont understand that “they” are not above Christianity, and that altho once in romantism succeeded to sway the power (due to few centuries infiltration as in the western elites so as in the masses) that again “they” cant make with ease “their” second spin from republicanism to globalism i.e. from the previous phase for choking and fragmenting of Christianity by republicanism to shift now in next phase for suspending nationalism in favor of uberinternationalism as some own utopian n’w’o heaven’on’earth!, actually “they’ve” tried by the kgbt and abortionism agenda to strip Christians from Grace wide and long, but defacto that is not enough so would provoke complete apostasy, practically now we see trials&errors for finishing of their long lusted utopian agenda, but obviously are making mistakes through “their” planning coz particular causalities, thus the earlier predetermined plans for A’21 were postponed in A’30 coz the 2008 bubble, but then again after the Christian Trump Anomaly reverted the date, simply it was dismantled “their” gradual merging of usA and usE through unlisted ttip by Donald Trump but also loosened the anaconda doctrine with the Afghan withdrawal of usaf, definitely the man worth Respect for that but exactly coz that peddled him with plandemix&warpspeed i.e. cornered by the new anomalies in “their” planning rolled probably in rush “their” great’reset&plandemix, but what as consequence got not completely rehearsed scenario thus we are seeing huge glitches in “their” mass’world’wide chipping agenda due to not effectively covered death stats, what in my opinion coz too’big2fail’agenda is in question needed to be cushioned by ukrainian crisis diversion x2 [9] defacto logical reasoning if we take for granted the info that “they” were earlier planning to infuse there enough weapons till 2023, in a way Ukraine is sacrificed so would be kept alive “their” bionic&chimeric revolution i.e. not to be left space for any bioethical questioning now of the utmost wrong side effects and huge collateral stats!

You must take the vax, in the name of public health, (but we have closed your church, so you may not gather, sing together, nor receive Holy Sacraments as the Body of Christ). Vade Retro Satana


the cartoon is hilarious, the next level for all not vaxed i.e. if You dont want the jab You cant get a job, but dont worry social food package will bring You in order! hint: start resonate like highlander [1] so would survive the phoenician’city’state hype!

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I thought you’d like it. :wink: Get a hold of a few dozen punctuation marks, when you get a chance. xo


Think this logic can be further supported by the claim of zionists bragging how this was case [1][1] except by the obvious later infestation of the soviet apparatus [2] what in essence could be traced to “their” neopagan eschatological millennialism as motive except the prime reason as revenge for all previous treatment by the Russians Empire since the earlier expulsion of khazars settled around the Black Sea till the all the later khazarian misfortune [2][2][2] altho its really mindboggling how so zionist became such influential power acting from shadow without having own kingdom, what was achieved by aligning own neopagan elites to the teuton by similar esotery [3][3][3] what in effect once “they” became teuton bankers coz usury as forbidden by cannon law among Christians made from ashkenazi jews (khazars) ideal back door for the european nobility to exercise usury thus banking become their thing!, while after their were suppressed in south and uK indeed took refuge among the northern european nobles [4][4] thus became defacto the teuton bankers and eventually like that as khazar elites became even more influential, thus logically popped up on north an killer mix of kabbalism and usuriousness that gave “them” power to influence the alchemic inertia, but as well the final power sway from south to northeuropean elites, defacto influencing like that all humanist inertia if we eg. see deism as theological side effect or socialism as political ideal, what in the first case can be easily understood through the zohar millennialism and preparing terrain for that [5][5][5](tho Orthodox Jews think differently [5]) while in the second case its bit difficult this to be seen clearly yet if we know that kahazaarian jews with the ultra strong authorative communal lifestyle were already exaple for compactness coz survivability it was probably seen that model as ideal for projection towards the established neoplatonist strive of european neopagans for utopian society, I mean how else mids the progressive teuton thought to be explained the rise of left-hegelians [6][6][6]-[6][6][6] that actually was precursor for socialism, defacto the earlier rosicrucian new’atlantis’republicanism got philosophical arhument for upgrade towards deist utopia!, and Probably the liberal wing among those euroatlantic neopagans were as the southern and northern european elites that altho esoterically followed the neopagan inertia for overthrowing of Christianity still couldnt accept unblock to give up “their” assets coz greater utopian neopagan good, hm, maybe asked lets see some effective experiment so would join the fun, but as we know all the experiments went out of rails either as independent either as unsustainable, thus at worst the new’atlantis’blueprint was postponed till better time, aside that alone coz the very same experimenting popped out new causalities that overshadowed the utopian ideals but became treat to the very existence of the euroatlantic empire that never reached actually level of revived pax’romana momentum but only partial burst of inertia as pax’britanica or pax’americana, and still longing to reemerge as such pax’universalis republic!

  • Maybe needless to say but rosicrucians as alchemic syncretizers became upper hand in that northeuropean neopaganism, but also pure kabbalists were “their” cohort, both pushing for common utopian goal altho with slight different eschatology, the first one as europeans seeing deism as result of all pagan esoterical inheritance i.e. standardized as revival of atlantean mythos, while in the second hand by zohar blueprint khazars were chasing an nongoyim deism, maybe with hope that in the very last end will prove that “their” vision is the correct path till utopia, altho its obvious that teuton elites were just misusing khazars and by default having them as cannon fodder, hek someone blaming “them” like kabbalist elites as prime utopian motor but in fact that is teuton invention while the lubricant is zionist oil, hek Klaus&Yuval joint flow, also what clearly can be seen through the ww2 aryanist antisemitism which it could be very well peddled in such way by the kabbalists so later would bring uK to smooth baton transfer of the rights on Palestine i.e. sacrificed own “resources” so would open door for zionist reclaim of “their” ancient homeland, at least now looks that like that, altho it could be very well pure circumstantial opportunity once the teuton plan fell apart (for annihilation of the independent soviet empire with the defeat of nazis) thus zionists rushed to grab the opportunity and coerce uK on deal if want “their” help towards recovery, small bargain so all factions would bring joint push of new liberal euroatlantic cycle (the bretton’woods’skim) for doing business as usual!

  • … and we can argue about this logic how correct is in context of the ww2 events and their outcome, but think it cant be avoided the fact that there are band of euroatlantic determinists which have particular utopian agenda altho the same is not anyhow publicly announced as uncompromising determinism towards technocratic new’world’order by some neopagan elites, but is sold as logical path coz world peace and prosperity even tho the very same are skewed by the euroatlantic determinists so would be reached that goal by “their” lead and “their” terms i.e. pushing all through trickery and by force to accept “their” blueprints as one without alternative, gnashing and clenching through “their” teeth “either will be by “their” way or by noones”, altho till recently were just acting that “they” are managing compromise with the eastern empire while in effect just buying time till succeed to peddle all on submission!, trickery that defacto is demasking the hidden agenda behind “their” actions i.e. that “their” n’w’o agenda is indeed by neopagan blueprint as unipolar technocracy secured by transhumanism and glued by religious universalism!, yeah what could go wrong from/in such utopian idea, hm, foremost diversity and multiculturalism of democratic ideas have no room for monoculturalism but asks for balance and tolerance, but “someone” simply act multiculti while per’se pushing monocultural lobotomy, trying by every mean to disrupt traditional values as in Christianity so as in Islam and Judaism from the Monotheist Religions tho also in all the rest Polytheist one i.e. by some universal global citizen model trying to merge what simply has utmost opposite traditions, yeah only neopagans could think off such stew, coz pagans at least know that such harmony is simply impossible, thus only way ahead is balance, but how when “someone” is so exceptional that for “him” balance means all to kneel before “his” utopian lusts, so we are where we are waiting to see how far “those” euroatlantic determinists can reach with “their” wrong utopianism!

In reality “their” exceptional mindset actually provoked the current kind of geopolitcs, on top provoked most perfidious employed transhumanist inertia, and in the end “they” act exactly like tyrants (the very fear of their platonic ideal) coz as we see once when “they” will put some agenda obviously all must follow with eyes’wide’shut acceptance i.e. in same time throwing motion for cancel culture coz smooth removing of any Christian Tradition by imposing ultraliberal policies that need to secure “their” utopia from stiff opposition regarding “their” next phases, mainly by sexploitation and kgbt skims first to be loosen then removed the traditional concept of Family > then by “green deal environmentalism” to be blackmailed all corporate entities on blind obedience > and plus through hiving panopticon to be reached level of push’of’button obedience i.e. all in all to be evaded any large opposition while “they” are freely tweaking “their” n’w’o utopia, but ambition so wrong from even from earthly causality what about spiritual that alone even like that (if revealed anytime ahead) will strip many from Graceful Life what effectively will bounce back for granted!, but blinded by “their” humanistic stamina and having no understanding for the spiritual variables “they” dont care how wrong path projected ahead, and that hm will come with its toll how will it come!

Hm, anthroposophy maybe someone would exclude from this relation, even myself see few ideas as useful regarding RudolfS schooling proposals by more emphasis on gardening altho as Christian would prefer the Montesori model coz the previous is tied to astro-esoterical vibe, yet it should be left on the free will of some community what would follow, practically the current Pestalozzi vibe has broiler inertia [7][7] on top tied to the enlightened humanistic academia [7] thus we only need steiners theology so we would end up in pure neopagan schooling!, and interestingly he is seen as the third way mids “their” neopagan steam of capitalism vs socialism [8] what maybe as balance is probable good way out from the current mess, yet how to expect this kind of balance to be secured from Christian swaying towards neopaganism, that would mean secularism to be removed from the scene so Christianity would accept such balance as not risky, hm potentially doable by wide open eTOS circumstances so all policies would be public for easy cornering and challenging any hidden agenda pushed by whomever, but knowing that eTOS is risk for “their” plutocratic and humanist exceptionalism probably we would not see true balance ahead, but eventually balance of “their” own isms for achieving “their” great’reset!, hm, “they” really believe that our destiny as Christians is in “their” hands!, yeah trying by trickery through controlled chaos to shift from plutocracy to technocracy (as scientific dictatorship secured by totalitarian hiving panopticon) for what maybe even the previous plandemix was rigged so would provoke wide riots!?, at least how were kept on open sea supply chain ships smelled like that …

… but DonaldT didnt let the economy to crash, plus coz his presidency the dominionist rapture narrative lost grip so would be used fanatic evangelical rioting momentum, so “they” made mistake, right after maybe it was pulled also in such way the ukrainian crisis so would bring momentum for swift world economic debacle, but again things didnt went smooth as “they’ve” expected, altho this as ukrainian assumption is more viable as reflex of neocons thus maybe not so logical in this context i.e. not all factions of euroatlantic elites could align through it till “great’reset” but saw extra uncertainty with it, and most probably we are seeing improvisations of the previous planned steps, so its almost hilarious how “they” caught “themselves” in uncertain circumstances simply coz whatever “they” improvise dont go smooth as prompt response so would retrace “their” failed A’21 in A’30, now obviously is not secured “their” plutocratic lead in usA for good, and above all masses are already having second thoughts about their full’digital’economy, or!? hm, now “they” could not flush the same skim solely by agitprop means as smooth transition, but it will need to imposed it by force, and that by itself could bring stiff opposition as wide acceptance risks etc. etc. political uncertainty!, maybe if had have all hived till now “they” to risk with whatever soft or hardpower skim to impose full’digital’economy and ubi leveling, but now obviously that need to be rerolled anyhow so as need panopticon agenda would be completed, yeah bidens assurance “You must take the vaccine now” proved indeed crucial for “their” “next” step, but how now will play all when there is enormous hesitancy even among many from the previously provaxer population!?

  • Most probably those who have sympathies (conditioned) or belong (indoctrinated) to(by) the last three versions neopagan isms (think 1.0 alike are ad’acta coz as rosicrucian alchemists are few on top disguised, or dont even bother what someone have to say) so the rest three isms of repackaged enlightenment mysticisms numbered in the last quote, whether elites or commoners, probably will see me as some sort of hatter disser mocker or whatever negative accuser, but even my antineopagan stance sounds maybe like that foremost is demystification of wrong neopagan elitist determinism and not some personal rant i.e. its directed solely in context of demystification of all current trends and events of “their” current plutocracy and “their” wonna’be great’reset towards technocracy!, still nor my intention nor my will is per’se with “hang’dem’high” attitude, on contrary I hope I’ll provoke opposite effect i.e. by understanding of the wrong elitist neopagan inertia towards mandated chase for heaven’on’earth that euroatlantic determinists as minority that rule above all on west could grasp that “their” free will imposed by trickery will only throw us as World in ultimate havoc!, simply “they” need to understand that need to stop reasoning in terms of deism, and gave not just cultural respect to Christianity but accept its Ethos as valid equal paradigm that need to be considered as part of all policies …

Yep the main problem (with ea-determinists) is “their” rule by trickery, but also pushing change in such way i.e. for “them” any opportunity for own deterministic success even executed by wrong means through lies deception and usury or forcefully molesting and/or bloody is just normal to “them” coz “they” see us with reductionist eyes as stats of human resources, not rarely indeed even as useless eaters, that as slaves&serfs need to be lead by “them” coz “their” higher utopian causes even the direction is meat’grinder!, yeah empiricist reasoning exempt from any emotion solely coz blind progress till utopian success even it was executed by trickery and force, hek werent “they” reached “their” current status like that!?, so why to expect that now will repent!?, really I hope will do, but knowing how are established by revolution that is real risk of inherited causality i.e. think “they” are lobotomized towards determinism ~ to see that every next utopian step should be executed by revolution, instead to chase eventual transhumanism and technocracy by compromise i.e. those who are willing to follow, freewillingly to embrace “their” way, But no “they” want all to kneel and follow!, and having in mind how even from the very beginning “they” provoked those revolutions by trickery eg. for substituting royalism with republicanism (starting with uK then usA after France and so on [9]) thus its obvious that again “they” want to stir such inertia but now on next level trickery i.e. by manufacturing chaos to present 'themselves" as solution, as I’ve pointed earlier to arrange manufactured crisis eg. by “owned” left and right wing animosity hate and clash to introduce “their” own third way what by “their” math is transhumanist technocracy seen by “them” as most stable exit from the mess in which in first place brought us “their” earlier long planning of exponential industrialization and ghettoization <> framed by the previous usury skims for secured submission colonization and obedience by all “incorporated” in and dependent from “their” current order of politics economy and culture!, what as we know are almost all states in this world, tho with some new disruption in the system of connected vessels due to “their” exceptional geopolitix for smooth colonization by trickery i.e. “their” final attempt to make circumstances for smooth exploitation of russian resources, So we are where we are mids “their” neopagan n’w’o inertia pushed by exceptional lusts for ultimate rule by unipolar and monocultural “globalism”, what as in all “their” earlier skims&spins is again and again hitting a bump, tho now “they” hope maybe if force bionic&genetic revolution on small door will reach “their” goal!, selfdelusion that felt apart in “their” first plandemix attempt, but as we can sense “they” are already preparing backup plans B C D improvised skims so through hiving to reach stable “shift” ahead, tho lets hope its not like that …

… the problem is that “they” cant grasp that by wrong means wrong causality hits back “their” wrongly imposed will by trickery, thus we are where we are, and either “they” will chill out or will face the consequences of such exceptionalism, what probably is seen by “them” as not so worrisome if as last backup mids “their” revolutionary mindset “they’ve” projected an “ordo’ab’chao” scenario, thus it would be wise People to get ready for whatever could be the side effects of “their” wrong determinism, foremost this is chance for many to grasp what is their existence in this world as Christians coz simply many are asleep for the fact that that is chance for Salvation but if is hard for them even now to focus towards It then how more problematic would be if and when we would be reminded on that chance through temptations, So be aware how to Survive as Independent from “their” wonnabe utopian skims&spins so would not get cornered on embracing “their” genetic&bionic revolution for securing own comfort as unsufficient and dependent broilers in/from “their” system, not that You will not be able to focus on Salvation like that, but it will be far greater feat to stay on feet while attending on Liturgies i.e. if harmed by “their” trial&error tech guess its really problematic with joy to invoke Grace, altho for many these kind of circumstances actually could secure the focus so Their Prayers would be deep and in faster way to reach as Metanoia so as Salvation, soteriologically speaking temptations are getting us more decisive to look up towards whats next after this life and like that to reach awareness that its given to us chance through Jesus Christ for Transcendence in Eternal Life in Joy …

With this assertion I am trying to allude probably on the softness of the last largest neopagan movement in comparison to the rest more aggressive versions of rosicrucianism, so in effect softy splash of neopaganism which had have huge impact on huge portion of the new’age’movement even nowadays, and altho theosophy had far strong reflection to the LON an UN respectively thus the cfr alike american elites embrace it, stil among the masses largest impact think has steiners popular version of rosicrucianism, logical if theosophy rests on it [1][1] while also anthrophosophy is its shapeshifter [1][1] hm logically rosicrucians were trying to sprout same melody in various rhythms in hope that one or another would achieve greater grip in the new century, actually with freemasonry “they” lost momentum as too complicated for the 20th century already booming literacy [1][1] thus it were rolled out more plain esoterical mysticisms, the problem tho is however softy is steiners anthroposophy it was secure motivation for the aryanism hm an earlier “rosicrucian’alchemic” humanist vibe tho [1][1] altho per’se the same arya can be traced to mirrored maxmullerian “atlantism” (hek still prevailing dumb indoeuropean linguistic theory) [1][1] and eckartian esotery [1][1] which are also rosicrucian flow, in the first case as myth for the indoeuropean atlantean ancestors while in the second case from the logic of the last footnote through the “exceptional” stone!

Almost as whole euroatlantic realm was under newskool esoteric atlantean hype, as if rosicrucians sent various modern pupils to stir open lust for the atlantean mythos and eg. through theosophy and respectively anthroposophy to recruit various new adepts not bound to the previous freemasonic skim for recruitment through complex process, one such example are caycee&co which as more belletristic became influential theosophical mirror to the masses especially coz as ex-protestant was appealing for all loosen enough Christians in usA that were fool enough to swallow his spinning how Christianity belongs to the same pool of ancient pagan mysticism [2][2][2] the same actually happened with steiners package altho seems like he was intentionally kept low in the beginning so it could be used as ace later if the prime more aggressive teutonic version of thuleans would fail, and indeed while “their” neopagan hype faint his emerged to prominence after ww2, yep it would be really shallow to expect that “their” emergence in plain sight would be left as spontaneous improvised maneuver simply long planning is “their” obvious attribute, but seen from current perspective could we say that looks on backup, no, softy bubblegum, more likely!, tho by caysean case its obvious that was time of various catch the hype momentum altho his spins didnt end up as fuel for lucis trust but madamB did!, as usual elite and commoner pipelines were placed, still he boosted an trend of various personal improvers and healers after him in usA!, so it had have huge propaganda momentum!

What I find interesting about anthroposophy it somehow radiate similar vibe as futurists in Italy in context of man’machine hype, and defacto RudolfS shared the FilippoTM futurist ideas i.e. “they” were peddling the alchemic rosicrucian idea for next evolutionary age of merger between “science&theology” [3][3][3] so we can say anthroposophy as softy rosicrucian recidive after ww2 projected lofty continuation for transhumanism, at least in the westeuropean realm!, coz in the northamerican that momentum got more progressive form [4]’[5][5][5][5] tho probably coz the profound paperclipping of dulles&co the idea got choked by pax’americana mood confronted with the pax’universalis of soviets, anyway posthumanism emerged as anthroposophical vibe by the hippie’after’echo academics that were leaning to marxian vibe, thus somewhere at the end of '70s transhumanism got another boost but more technical due to the electronic revolution and the advancement of biology, altho defacto was always part of the behaviorist strive for ultimate broilers [6][6][6] but now!, wow!, we can see mass splash of anthroposophical defense of transhumanism [7][7][7][7] softy softy but perfidiously slipping in the new’age’realm like “why neopagan commoners would opposed bionics&genetics if that will help out “their” enlightenment meditations!?”, yeah making juice from their naive brains addicted to western yoga trends! And I know many will say cmon RudolfS is holistic guru, yet dont forget that if rosicricianism is his root then defacto deism is norm, and deism even chased spiritually eventually will make compromise with alchemic empiricism, dont forget for someone the tech is nature, and arent there are all kind of sorcerers that have stones so would bring “magic”, thus dont get fooled, eh neopagans, hm, as ex-pagan I really find this Orthodox Christian Witnessing about the pagans very useful as simple explanation what is at stake [8][8][8] definitely neopagans coz choked by the various veils of syncretism till reach understanding yep it could be already late, especially if in same time got bound to hedonism and consumerism except egoism, tho who nowadays havent!?, so its not easy even for traditional Christians to become truly devoted as Inchurched Faithful plus living Life in Feat, what about neopagans who programmed their nous to chase esoteric’new’age freedom which defacto is demonic in its whole nature, how to get free by serving even as dualists on “two masters” what about when embraced lucifer-anathema-to-him!? So, wake up where is Your place and what You long for, an True Eternity through Christ or fallen selfdelusion for heaven’on’earth!?

Oh my. Sometimes, I actually understand you! Today is the Feast of St. Blaise. After Holy Communion, and after Mass had ended, Father invited us to process up to the altar to receive the Blessing of Throats – and for our entire bodies to be free of all infirmities! Stay in the Light, Pelister! :pray:

Thanks DrAliciaHill be in Jesus Christ Glory and under Panagia Theotokos Protection too …

… btw coz You are from the western rite, it reminded me to emphasize that the risks (that I see) of vaticans infiltration [1][1] are not present just there, some claim that in the phanar seat infestation eralier was also norm [2][2][2] altho coz decentralized ecumena the fall in apostasy is not total brutal as instant to all when some episcope will fall out in apostasy [2] i.e. from Orthodox Christian perspective we are not tied to unum’sanctam’centralization alike but every Patriarch or Archepiscope actually every Episcope (Bishop) in OC is Independent and it would take Council so all would embrace ecumenism (what about universalism which by all means is adacta) yet somehow most of the east’european orthodox churches (strangely all from states that are eu and nato members) got ecumenical momentum indirectly (as new calendarists) and that hm is per’se kind of backdoor for that ecumenical process like inertia towards reconciliation with vatican but without Council what would be wrong from aspect of Orthodox Koinoia (all Orthodox Churches to reach consensus that has come time for Unity with the Chatolic Church), while this now looks like cherrypicked expressing allegiance to the western realm, even now when some are still on the Old Calendar while as easteuropean OC state is preparing to enter eu and nato parallelly is expected its Church to cross on the new’calendar in one or another form i.e. to brake free at least in such form from the byzantine tradition, hm indeed looks like rigged process mostly on political and cultural(kgbt alike ultraliberalism) but also religious level!, there is nor debate nor choice but just top to bottom blindly accepted directives, and it as it is, like “take it You cant reject it”, hm small prize some will say coz the chance for eu funds and nato umbrella (particularly currently pressure against Serbia and Macedonia coz the rest in balkans are already onboard), and if as Churches do that coz such profane momentum or kind of backdoor closeness with vatican hm like that indeed will make mistake coz trading own independence for fist full of borrowed materialism is not Theological Soteriology but earthly survivalism!

  • And Yes I know Our Almighty Lord is Love but in same time also Law and Order thus blind love is not at all wise approach for Christocentrism, especially not coz the present stiff centralization in the Catholic Church when if some pope decide indeed to stir universalism as one’love’religion will pull under him in grave error, universalist risks built solely coz neoplatonic vibe [3][3][3] what about pure n’w’o one [3][3][3] (check the 5th footnotes below also) what for sure will throw all in oblivion if effectuated!, aside that even without this there are dozen of problematic issues for reconciliation that cant be resolved if vatican dont step back from his newskool exceptionalism like: filioque + Immaculate Conception + infallibility + unum’sanctam exceptionalism ± other smaller discrepancies like total celibacy for all Clergy, hm, interestingly I’ve recently heard about inner opposition to vatican2, tho didnt archived the link and maybe better coz its not my job to saw discord among Catholics coz such issue between them should be resolved i.e. will it refute it or will cross one by one in Orthodox Christianity, now is there reason why vatican2 is issue hm many claim yes [3][3][3]

So, when we will take in account all previous posts where is suggested neopagan and pagan esoteria prepared for “ultimate earthly love”, then indeed with its universalist dialog vatican is trying to reconcile whole Mankind in one’love’religion, what is unimaginable if we know the Warning how the Sheeps and the goats on the Judgement Day will be separated, but on other hand knowing what kind of infiltration was present earlier in the past century its understandable how so this universalist process started and reached where it is, yet it would be at best joke if even in these ultra vide literacy times this is still kept alive as supposedly “unity peace conference”, I sometimes wonder is vatican political body or ecclesiological one, and I’ll understand if that was some attempt to be balanced political tensions eg. the pope gathering politicians on round table, but vatican to push some ultra cultural understanding by wrongly managed ceremonies, hm that indeed smells on the warnings of Saint Seraphim Rose [5][5] simply risks that are indeed real and not just some theoretical misjudgment [5][5] thus even as possible risk should be avoided!

On top all of this (to get back ontopic) hangs the bionic&genetic revolution that now is in full swing altho not loudly announced [6] especially problematic how there is scholastic trend for embracing biotech like “lets go with the flow the scientists know what they do” hm do they!? isnt m’rna tech pharmakia’parexcellence? [6] this makes the already pointed previous steps towards reconciliation among East and West extra burdened if papal infallibility is understood literary and how else differently to be seen such conciliar decision i.e. the pope to be errorless authority above all Mankind and all creatures on this World, can we say with calmness ok it was glitch in the bull that altho embraced by council we can pretend it dont means nothing, simply if we know that we will be Judged in the Final Day for every deed even words then how to overlook this kind of totality, even to expect sola’gratia even when altho we know that there will be Judgement for apostasy we still act like Our Lord will have understanding, why at all would be The Warning for the Sheeps and goats then!?

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Yes, our Lord Jesus warns us of these imposters and elites operating in the Deep Church, their unholy weddings to the Deep State. There is mercy towards us who long for His appearing, as the Bride who stays faithful and makes herself ready… and severity toward evil, harlotry, Babel. Both mercy and severity are expressions of His Love, and Purity, as well as His Justice. Only the Lamb slain is found worthy to open the seals. But the imposters will attempt to deceive, they are devouring beasts. Be watchful, we are told. Ask for correction, ask for mercy, know our need, and our helplessness without His true love in our souls. It’s a war story, a political story, a science treatise, a history of histories, but for me, ultimately it is a Love Story. Without Him, no lesser loves are sustainable. With Him, we are kept safe in the keeping power of His Holy Spirit, the One who loves us, who shed His innocent Blood to win our hearts. Soli Deo Gloria.


Thanks for the Openhearted Homily … this reminds me that we have so much Hope in our Souls that its really the right path through Christ … altho when I reread my posts I am seeing that they are slightly tutoring and like that deprived from caution whether I will or not offend someone, probably coz used to throw the thoughts from sleeve as they come and like that through my syntax errors to point that I am without any agenda nor some kind of expert thus prepared for the topic, hm probably if there was wide public debate I would had have been just observer, but somehow the same is absent due to the the current mess of Open Society where we cant see no constant public dialog between experts on thematic eforums but only blogs and vlogs where the arguments go either in emotional mood or flow without any counter stance, so I’ve took the liberty in times of plandemix dismay to chase answers like are we indeed pushed towards utopian new’world’order, and maybe at the begging was just throwing mostly questions but how time passed everything got meaning in context of the probable conspy theories that could be found on net, which coz ex-pagan can quickly weigh their credence how probable are and like that started to share own mosaic reasoning from the available online info, and what to say while trying to find answers started to chase the evil out from this World, but think that as cataphatic approach is less potent one coz through the apophatic could calm my urge for understanding with what we are confronted as Mankind but also as focused to act with Prayers to bring inertia through Grace for lasting exit from the current traps, (eh if only many would have found such will), still **Hope that my understanding will not be seen as judgement but elaboration why this or that is wrong event circumstance or possibility, yet I fear that will be misunderstood coz maybe would sound to someone as attacker, altho my motives are not resting on hate but demystification, per’se trying to put emphasis on The Free Will as one of the most beautiful Gifts to us from Our Almighty Lord that tho coz many are misusing it by mandated authority in same time I feel responsibility to remind all be careful what You accept respect or embrace coz not everything or everyone is with or from good will but also too much time we are asked on blind obedience to authorities what would be wrong if and when we see that those very same authorities are behaving almost as without any responsibility altho as powers that should be their highest moral obligation i.e. when they derive their authority directly from the people need to give reasonable explanation why and how came to some decisions, and it would had have been ideal if that was case, yet coz defacto we are peddled and instead they to be our representatives they are more obligated to their lobbyists thus we are witnessing plutocracy instead democracy on top coz all that spinned allegiance of the politicians to those first class benefiters (per’se bancorp elites) we are all lied and misused to obey wrong ideals agendas and practices, as result propaganda became “their” most useful act of honesty while we as citizens easily thrown in submission by petty bribing through affordable bread and games which even worst became idolized by gambling how the food coz competitive taste is poisoned while the games coz greater appeal mythologized, now just waiting all that to be expanded on steroids till utopia, and when to all this will be added the slip of ultimate pride like deism (anthropocentric apotheosis) so we are where we are now, and either there will burst dialog among the educated but in wide open 24/7 form or we will end up in wasteland, thus glad that have opportunity to point to the need of eTOS coz the moors exponential law for fast slipping time from our lives, what brings me Hope that we will endure till is found consensus, acting maybe even stupid with all my lowliness so would reach understanding instead to leave “their” exceptionalism as monocultural ultradigital and universalist skim (now also upgraded by synthetic biology and ecology i.e. transhumanistic hype) to be imposed without any objection to it, at least “they” behave that all we who are objecting are some conspy looneys, while “they” yeah know what “they” do, still I will be not be the one who will judge “them” but in same I dont fear “them” for sure, thus glad that I can turn the mirror to “them” with hope that “they” could at least pause with “their” exceptionalism so would not provoke wrong evil causality on all Mankind how stubbornly wrong determinism “they” push, and its “their” will whether want to be neopagans or even pagans, but to impose on Christians by trickery “own” wrong idealism as “take it You cant reject it” is wrong by all means, and its our duty as Christians to warn “them” so thigs would not end up in oblivion how ambitious “they” are that “they” can become or are gods, what to say selfdelusional egoists that will provoke only misery on “themselves” and those that blindly follow “them” or “their” will while in same time ignore all wrong side effect that are result of, not that there is someone perfect and I’ll accept that every mistake has own logical causality, but “they” to act exceptional authorities as humanist and atheist or deist elites while in same time constantly to ignore “their” mistakes jt would be too much also we as Christians to ignore it, so in time of loudly announced “great’reset” of “theirs” I didnt think twice how or where will share my cents especially when it became obvious that “they” act through manipulative reductionist experimental and elitist pattern through “their” now already clear to all great’reset plandemix coz total chipping! So no hard feelings coz my intention is rather with defensive than anyhow offensive will, even tho coz need to expose “their” trickery maybe sound aggressive how put more or less sharp demystify flow in my posting ,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heartfelt concerns with us. :latin_cross:

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… probably there is some strange not so zealous but persistent reflex that I am noticing now how from sleeve are thrown my posts, but mostly coz trying to give demystification of hidden esoterical aspects in “their” plamdemix and mostly coz the same is executed supposedly mids secularism and on top mostly by Christian plutocrats who even as traditional believers at least should had have given space for religious exempt from their mandates but no in “their” name they’ve acted as blind followers of the humanist academia which per’se how is resting on reductionist mindset as we can see finally delivered false assurance how science is utmost correct autority what especially became problematic once crossed extra self confidently in the realm of synthetic microbiology, on top through rigged peer’revieeed system that as such easily was misused coz “someones” higher cause, what opened door for whild suspicions&speculations what happens and whether the nuremberg trials at all brought safety from deist lusts i.e. that the system will never again allow misusing of humans coz experimental purposes, yeah many will condemn corruption as culprit but defacto was case of trickery employed by wide and long planned agenda now obviously true when the same is recognized as neopagan one, how else to be explained all earlier utopian inertia and all the current events, isnt just history repeating but supposedly in times of democracy coz what even was used vast propaganda so people would be coerced on submission and acceptance of “their” elitist lusts!

In essence due to these elitist skims now neopagan commoners are becoming at shame altho not all nor by default the new’age community should be taken for culprit coz someones elite egoist exceptionalism, surely far greater part of them are not even with techno mindset but pure spiritual naturalistic or artistic vibe not even trying to impose own will upon Christians Muslims or Judaics as Monotheists, yet now there is risk someone coz frustrated on some elites to start chasing witches as actually “their” past clanish royals pretending that are Christians were cleansing “own” alchemic counterparts in medieval european times, so it will be wrong anyhow now Christians to ask for revenge or seek blind justice but need to have understanding that its their duty to help even “those” elites to come to Remorse Repentance and Redemption simply we cant chase heaven’on’earth like “them” especially not through secular republican system, what is our is to ask for transparency and like that securing bioethical and ecoethical norms as highest standard in every natural or social science, even more have obligation to help neopagans especially those who were earlier Christians to grasp what is their error theologically and eschatologically coz it would be really pity for many of them that will not Repent to loose chance for Eternal Life in Joy, actually to them as ex-christians the judgement will be most severe coz as bearers of the Mark Of The Holy Spirit transgressed by deist pride wanting to become gods or by polytheist foolishness to praise and serve idols or even worst fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them, thus be creative give them a hand through mindful debate instead judging exceptionalism, again, coz as ex-christians they are indeed at utmost risk regarding Salvation that will be reachable even to pagans or neopagans that didnt embraced Christianity coz to them will be judgement by consciousness … I’ve really found Joy in this witnessing by Elder Kleopa when explaining The Final Judgement so try not to be zealots that will judge by own understanding but try find through Love an Patience till Forgiveness coz its our to Save Others excepted Saving Ourselves simply if I was bashed when have been fooled with paganism how would had have Metanoia thus Forgive so it would be also Forgiven to You many things that we daily transgress but not aware off, and this goes as for science so as for politics or culture, altho this dont means to stay passive and not to ask for debate and explanations what is needed so the mistakes would not be repeated over and over again, what in case of this plandemix and its experimental jabs would be possible eugenics agenda of the peers among the behaviorist academia or opportunists in the military basements except elites in the higher placed or behind the bilderborg curtains!

There are a lot of points in your writing. Regarding the article, perhaps the ontological solution contended for here may be of interest to you:

(forth and back and wrong post end up in the edit) Hm, even the very intro of the host is ultraproblematic how universalism as joint commemorating with heretics or pagans is excused!, and I’ll digress heavily only in this post, tho we can open new thread if You like, but think I’ll go just in circles coz think already shared enough sources that shares my point regarding the ecumenist and to it universalist risks … simply its one thing to have eschatological expectations but another to push one’love’idea coz per’se as Christians we are secured for granted on the Path of Salvation yet if we walk on it with mortal sins eg. overneglecting Anathemas for communion with heretics pagans neopagans or even Monotheists that live by Oath of The Old Testament that is more than wrong!, as I understand the point of Elder Kleopa shared in as tagged link in my previous post is foremost warning to Christians that altho for us is more easily to be Saved still we have far greater responsibility that the rest foremost regards staying in Purity of The Orthodox Faith but also by trying through Life in Feat to strive for Theosis, now not all seek Life in Feat and as one Elder says that what kind of life is that what by mildness is path to death, now Forgiveness is also important Gift and need to be followed but to jump to reconciliation with others before finding common agreement with own Brothers in the Orthodox Christian Ecumena that is not Koinoia that is discord!, how now the process goes as deal between vatican and fener coz in Orthodox Christianity altho Koinoia is norm still all Patriarchs Archbishops and Bishops are equal thus we need first Council instead backdoor ecumenic hype … I’ll say the warning of Elder Kleopa think is not some canonical stance in Orthodox Christianity but it gives emphasis that the Judgement is not ours, altho that dont means we should loosen, there are Canons and Dogmas that are Unchangeable anyhow not even by Council coz that would mean break up with the Tradition, thus any braking of That Foundation derived from and resting on The Bible is apostasy, simply the Truth is that Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ indeed and we can just Hope that Our Almighty Lord will be Merciful to all that didnt knew Him, altho in the end to All will be this clear and many will Repent, yet what will be with the rest we are warned that not many will be Saved even as Christians not all part of The Book of The Living, what about those from the Abrahamic Old Testament tradition which Oat is like of Monks living in the profane world or how much from the pagans will have righteous consciousness and works of virtue!?

Hm, hm, hm! pachamama and ganesh idols placed on vaticans Altars and honoring “them” is utmost wrong by all means, and if Jesus Christ chased away the traders from the Temple then what to say about idolaters, check the 8th footnotes video from post #12 above and You’ll see why hinduism or in my experience the toltec naturalism is No’Way’Muchacho that is not heresy or apostasy but antichristianity! Now how unum sanctam as bull made the pope as undisputed authority the by top to bottom causality all Catholic Church is under his mercy thus if tomorrow he says lets get zumba on Masses then zumba it will be, normally that happened already in various less modernizations through the past centuries, I just wonder is it really next on the menu communion with luciferians i.e. freemasons and “their” eschatology!, and that is that risk of universalism which is taken now ultra loosely, like cmon we have just good will, yep but the path to hell is tiled exactly through such blind good intentions, foremost we should have Fear not to transgress then after when standing firm to express Love but unconditional Love for us as less from perfect can throw us in proudful prelest that we can get high or stoned and in same time to Worship as if we are not in fall but in ecstasy, and if even such thing is deadly what about drinking from the cup of pagans or neopagans!

Yet its not mine to judge, nor tutoring coz for that need to witness educated Theologians in Orthodox Christianity, and thats why I am pointing to Saint Seraphim Rose or Jay Dyer above simply even if I claim something I dont have Blessing to argue about that, so it would be prelest if start to elaborate wide and long as Apologist, I am just sharing my mosaic reasoning and understanding, and mostly in context of transhumanism and neopaganism with side emphasis on the risks of ecumenism that coz obvious error are leading towards universalism, while as could be seen from the links of Saint Seraphim Rose that “someone” projected united’nations agenda peddled by “its” lucis’trust’apologets for one’love’religion as glue for “their” new’world’order thus we are not speaking of some benign but essential risks that looks like The Warning in The Revelation that many will kneel to the false-prophet-anathema-to-him! So I can afford myself just as ex-pagan now reborn Orthodox Christian to witness Open Your Eyes its wrong to have anything theologically common even with heretics what about pagans or neopagans, but will not throw the stone and just warn The Church be wakeful about the wolves in sheep skin! Lord Have Mercy coz we are walking almost asleep towards certain universalist fall!

Host opposes, not excuses, the ecumenism. To confirm one in their mortal sin is not love. Mortal sin tears one from the state of grace and partners with the Arch Deceiver. Perhaps you are making the same points. However, the article you offer seems to untether judgment from the merciful atonement, the slain Lamb, the only just Judge. Colloquially, there is no other sacrifice, no other Name. If rejected, then rejected. :pray:


Well said, Dr. Hill!

Yes he is rare but still mild opposition to the mainstream trend in west, also sounded like double talk and to be honest I was listening it in background while typing the closure of the “wrong post” now the deleted above, so got impression of ambivalence like this is wrong but now what, so it is as it is!?, anyway I’ve got indeed wrong impression!, yet as if the host is not recognizing why such universalist momentum pops up in vatican i.e. that is issue of accessory error due to vatican2council …

  • … tho respect for his will to question heretical momentum in the stiff hierarchical vatican, coz its our Duty as Called to expose wrongdoings that skews or relativize The Sacrifice and The Teachings Of Jesus Christ altho suppose it takes time to be corrected the past mistakes, and hm how that to be done with ease if we are aware that as always vatican was under attack, You are right he is questioning the trend but defacto needs to chose either is for it or not coz its not some profane issue but ecclesiological one!

Yet again, as I said so would not fall in the trap of acting Apologist would only conclude when errors are imbued in some system its really hard to tweak it, simply the error needs to be removed! Hm, but how if by unam sanctam logic for that always will be waited on the popes, while they on the Katholikon, its kind of unintentional half millennia trap that actually emerged as need the western realm to be kept in line coz the vast attack by neopagans along the perfidious infiltrating from time to time whether in the Curia whether in the Academia, still the neoplatonic causality played its role so now indeed popped out not small amount issues that separate OC and RC while in same time opening RC to flirting with the idea of universalism, so now from love OC to follow that path hm looks like risk beyond understanding especially now when new occult deist band is popping up as transhumanists!, I mean why such turbofolk would allow anyone I am not sure!

  • Now, what if we are borgged by trickery, would that deprive us from Grace, hm cant guess whether if our Free Will could be manipulated by push’of’button that will not be misused such tool by “someone” thus even doing everything by the book regarding ecclesiological things still coz boosted tempting many to get loosened for Life in Feat, what actually as process now is happening by propaganda means poured through the media, but now the suffering due to our loosening dont comes instantly but takes time to be fooled and let ourselves with ease on the traps, whether those were from hedonistic mammonistic or egoistic mold, tho cant imagine how that will be multiplied in virtual reality environment or coz lust for more IQ or strength or sensation, simply we are on the edge of ultra dismay, So dont wonder how so aetheric greetings can end up in our reality probably first asteroid if not solarstorm and then after deluge, I mean I guess not sure about the order!, Still think that such causality as just another chance to be reminded from Above to get together with our lusts for ultimate livability through bionic&genetic revolution but actually lust for apotheosis, coz how we started to mess with crossbreeding animal and human dna its question whether day after will be possible like that to be Redeemed as Tom Horn claims …

… but hm this is far from easy to be explained, coz in same time there is nothing impossible for Our Almighty Lord but are we bold enough to withstand the pressures on our bodily nature and how from lazy to lazier and from unhealthy to sick makes us every next technological seemingly from good will humanist opportunity eg. like the current fiasco with the m’rna plandemix tech!? As we are warned it will come time when the suffering will reach unlimited agony even in this World most probably due to these trendy deist lusts i.e. a.i. by itself to decide not to leave us to drop dead even as mutilated maybe as the matrix food projection for itself, but that scifi already is lived by many hooked on synthetic or natural drugs as life of zombies, so Pray that humanist spin for false one pill happiness would not get upgrade now on level of ultrafast biolab delivery directly from/in our bodies, on what think even many Pagans and Neopagans will object, but hey “these” rosicrucian deist dont bother about Christian Majority as opposition mids the western realm what about the rest!, Lord Have Mercy …