Its interesting how huge hope is given to machines altho still there are many risk as from anthropological so as technological side i.e. who can be sure that those behind the wheel as elites are not or will not become possessed by fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them (assuming now are not all) and like that playing not just with our Free Will but our very nature, but also who can tell that letting autonomous a.i. will not rig wrong reality beyond imagination!? Just how many times we have been witnesses of wrong elitist inputs in any of “their” governance or policies, understandable how as plutocratic the current system brings ultra corrupt reality which logically either from mammonistic or egoistic lusts will result in havoc along this covert a.i. revolution, and dont need to wonder what would be reset to “their” reset if “their” simulation end up with wrong solutions! And all this with assumption as elites at the moment have bioethical mindset, but through the last mandated experimental jabs this obviously is not case, so how and why we would put any belief in “their” covertly employed tools and agendas, assuming “they” didnt pushed for quite some time neopagan n’w’o agenda, but on contrary all “their” internationalist blueprints and events point that that is case!

Its really troubling guess tho, why “they” need full digital economy if push towards planned economy and technocracy, when even on that stop there are major risks [1] maybe dont have all factions transhumanist mindset, or maybe need gradual shift so masses would be more easily cornered for acceptance of whole utopian package ~ especially so the wealthy citizens would obey without complains or plotting resistance, or as transition maybe is needed so day after the introduction of full digital economy as much as possible now antivaxers would be forced on acceptance of “their” homo’silicone idea for merging man and machine, just dont get how stubbornly are determined to make us hackable animals when that would mean hacking can always be issue with “their” utopia right after, So probably this is only step for more resilient introduction of panopticon reality that will secure easier control over the masses in case ahead pop up whatever cataclysm from political economical or natural cause, but in my opinion exactly those fears are laying path towards any of the numbered, yet if we know that “they” in same time see “themselves” as pharaos its logical that “their” determination is not from empathy but thirst for securing “their” power as neopagans, as h’g’wells projected either we will prevail or will end up as meat for barbarian Christians [2] what a twisted selfdelusion of survival motivation of the elite of rosicrucian freemasonic neopagans!

Still there is hope for Mankind how Russia as rival dont follow “their” utopian agenda, even better is reemerging as Orthodox Christian defender, obvious from many aspects eg. antitranshumanist stance of Dugin [3] altho somehow is worrying the 2017 assertion of Putin that who will have better a.i. will secure dominance [4] tho having in mind that he is devoted Orthodox Christian then we can assume he is talking per’se in context of military simulation tool what is obvious from his recent claim [4] as is eg. ScottR [5][5] while in same time we are seeing even further detachment of Russia from the internationalist uberliberalism with the banning of the kgbt hype which is nothing else but neopagan lust toward androgen reality [6] maybe so more demons-anathema-to-them would more easily accustom to the physical bodies!? On other hand this hope can be also dilemma whether euroatlantic determinists will not radicalize till hot ww3 circumstances and somehow this sounds probable if one see the assurance by one of “their” megaphones [7] thus on one hand we can assume we have chance to keep our true nature but on other that neopagans are pushing indeed in ordo’ab’chao scenario our World, what would mean People to wake up in time and get as much as they can prepped for vast turmoils ahead ideally by selfsufficient rural offgrid life, what altho for many is ridiculous I dont see why would not put some effort in own emergency backup plan if not else with agrarian knowhow [8] that will come handy in case need to move out from the cities coz whatever reason! Only eventual problem in this kind of circumstances is would anyhow “they” forbid such independent risk management of the population and/or will ban it making hostages from all!?

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I just completed a video involving concepts that align with this premise. I am a cognitive psychology professor, and in retrospect, the application of the curriculum content was, embarrassingly, always on a superficial level to meet behavioral objectives - hence, job security.

Now, I feel compelled to solve a Rubik’s cube to which I had no desire to solve with an Academic Bucket List that has changed drastically involving the integration of microeconomics, quantum physics, sociology, history, architecture, and Scripture.

How they're doing this will SHOCK YOU!

Wow! This is a great topic discussion - like the old days, you know.

@Pelister - really enjoyed the links you provided. It is amazing how Tom Horn was speaking in 2011, to the things we see today, while some of us were - well not - paying attention.

@marilou your video and post on your substack are very interesting. I kept wanting to stop the video to more fully examine the pictures.

Thanks @QVBB for reminding us that Jesus came and is living among us.

Still picking-up shiny stones as I follow a trail - seek and ye shall find, ask and …


Hmm…yes. Sometimes I use a poetic way of expression. Which is much more useful, more effective, faster, and more painless way to get closer to the truth.
Against the prosaic style and methods , which are included in your texts, posts and comments.
Not to mention the highly dense way of expression what you call fractal thinking.
Let me tell you right away, there is no such way of thinking among people.
The way people think is ordinary, analogical, associative, comparative.
The use of difficult Latin incomprehensible words that mostly have the suffix “ism” can mean two or three things, which I will not elaborate here.

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haha correct but prosaic juggling its far harder to be hijacked by a.i. in original way while pure poetic flow can be easily reprojected in case the ghost avatar is mirrored as infiltration or substitution on/for the upsetter, even myself I am not certain that cant be hacked coz smoother spin of my fractal narrative that actually is not fractal thinking but fractal mosaic linking info, fractal thinking would be if in artistic way tie these lines eg. to surrealism making stew from conspy and gardening topics seeing freemasons like snails on bad mushrooms or transumanists like bad shroom echo on snails tentacles :slight_smile: a.i. shell would be “their” utopian depot, while “their” slime eugenic excrete, the trail an path towards the roman forest on the babylonian hills at the atlantean volcano! On other hand in my case fractal reasoning can be perceived as rhythmic or melodic expression of info nodes from our reality that as such imprints vectorized vortexes in the noosphere, tho if shared in pure poetic way would be hard to follow by all, so think I use combined ghetto poetic melody on prosaic rhythm! I lack tho more videoart memes so would juice up the flow, tho that can be also distraction of forum blogging with points that cant bring hope but usually mockery [1] what think is risk to end up in agitprop vibe, simply I am just sharing my cents without any ambitions or interest, luckily there are free eforum platforms otherwise would not bother for sure … Kudos to the Owners!

You mean poetry, that is, a poetic way of expression, woven into a prosaic matrix?
That and that’s the style you’re using here for posting isn’t it?Right? :smirk:

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tho less matrix and more word tapestry … but this chitchat as ultra offtopic from one digression can lead to moderation matrix indeed, luckily the traffic on GDS is still not regulated heavy, so I’ll behave as guest should and stop strawing from politeness!

So would bring back the OP on track will propose further examination on the topic, lets see what alt platforms resonate …

spy genes alarm, fake or true? ~

eXistenz bio hive, possible or not? ~ AI Blockchain Digital DNA Mind Control through your Digital Twin in The Sentient World Simulation

hm by gnostic logic euroatlantic determinists probably got delusional that will escape the natural order of our reality which is perceived by “them” as simulation by own simulation [1] yeah the program wants to become programmer, but as kids playing with matches will secure just another esoteric humanist trial&error that as usual by forgetting on the spiritual variables will end up in debacle of expectations!

I thought the same when I read his comments which were very thought provoking. That said, I believe these elites who want to hack humans don’t understand the strength of every human soil’s silver string that inextricably connects to our Creator. It cannot be undone unless the individual free will decides to separate from God. Yes, there is technology and propaganda to try and control our thoughts but by facing them head on and calling out like Dr. Farrell and CAF or DJ, our awareness of this could also be the very wrench in their plan.

As Confucius say: we live in interesting times - and he wasn’t kidding


while posting some info on dr. Andrew G. Huff book “The Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History” [1] saw the last interview with AlexJ and what to say its really mindboggling how so even when such figure is not disclosing classified info but just sharing public wonder predominantly for his ex-employer (tho scapegoat partner of dod indirectly) how even he was molesting target, check the part from 33min till 46min in the video below …

So, what would take to pop up whistleblower on level of Snowden to disclose info about the end goals or all potential scenarios of SWS and how “they” were envisioning “their” panopticon utopian! Hm, knowing how the bulk of Snowden info was actually not so controversial in context of transhumanism, I’ll speculate he was intentionally pushed on his mission, first of all ea-determinists to alarm “their” plutocratic pawns that everything is recorded so would kept cautious what chitchat, but also to bring even stiffer security and further distraction compartmenization so even some leakage would slip would be decontaminated before reach the public, not that transhumanist lusts of globalists are secrete but exposing dod as corrupted to push “their” agenda is risk on side of patriotism, actually DonaldT really looks like naive independent patriot how actually through ultra belief in usaf&dod actually instigated warpspeedin’ in name of globalist n’w’o agenda along all the risks of making from Mankind homo’silicone stew ready to be hived in “their” matrix!

… probably more rude attack was executed on dr. Zelenko who got cancered right after started to make fuzz from Nanotech patents for Biometric data, in his case tho probably was greeted by some concerned asraely agent that saw problematic any opposition to these ea-globalist agendas to be Jew, especially risky from aspect of alarming the asraelly community as most jabbed that is part of ultra panopticon i.e. the citizens need to behave as usual otherwise the simulation could get skewed!?

Not that assassinations are something new, but after JFK got more silent form, yet now even in such form are starting to get more noticeable, practically Everyone that will stand up to this n’w’o skim from Christian aspect is becoming Martyr and like that earning Salvation simply coz is stepping hard on the tail of the most perfidious attempt for changing of our very true nature what is per’se war waged against us by wicked-slaves of damned-principalities-anathema-to-them! But that alone as knowhow should be enough so any demystificator not to fell in judging trap i.e. evade fingering plutocratic elites or the corrupt system as some that need to fell under the jeffersons liberty tree cleaning program, practically as successors of the enlightenment revolution “they” are that tree, thus as Christians the right approach mids such hijack is to help “them” trough Prayers and if by Grace cant free all of “them” (free will is imperative in Christianity) at least like that to tie up “their” hands, or fry “their” tech, actually my earlier experience is that nanobots are easy cleaned by Inchurched Consecrated Life as Orthodox Christian surely miracles can come also against eventual chimeric harm, the question is whether with hedonistic (lustiful) or mammonistic (usurious selfish individualist) and/or egoistic (reckless indifferent judging) mindset one can easily reach Purity worthy for Miracle, tho in times of socialization dismay going on Liturgies is surely taken as extra Feat …

Funny, but the Russians have developed their own crypto currency system… But have a developed a way to circumvent crypto-mining and have their own digital-ruble. Surely that will infuriate the Elites into a state of panic, although China appears to be all-in. Then we have to factor in the Ukraine situation. This is either the beginning of the end, or the start of WW3.

Russia’s Central Bank Looks To Ban Cryptocurrency Mining & Investment - Russia Briefing News (

A Digital Ruble By 2023? - Russia Briefing News (

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Hm, as with every energy so as every tech it can be used and misused, in this context for us as Christians its hope that Russia is awaken as Orthodox Christianity altho still not in fullness as Tsardom so all next rulers after Putin will be compelled to reign through Blessing by The Church … essentially the risks from full digital economy are from neopagan nature first liberalism but also transhumanism i.e. as neopagan ea-determinists as neopagan humanist globalists simply dont care how such tech will be employed or which energies how can end up in it, practically “they’ve” removed the bioethical concerns from the scene that actually makes from all of us guinea pigs plus without consent but mandates, and knowing “their” wrong neopagan anthropocentric apotheosis [1][1] if that inertia is not stopped that would mean risk our Souls to be deprived from Spiritual Transcendence thus normally we are seeing causality towards end phase of the Apocalypse tho stil not in Armageddon times …

So we need to contemplate the bigger plan of Our Almighty Lord to be given chance to all to awake for their existence in this World i.e. instead to be woke for neopagan oblivion [2] oppositely to strive for Salvation and Eternal Life i.e. instead chasing longevity in this and even worst to dream about heaven’on’earth (what as neopagans took it for granted as possible) “they” need to Repent and Focus on the Truth that this is realm where its given chance to be Redeemed and reach Higher State of Existence, but fooled by the fallen earthly reasoning many simply refuse to accept The Truth and lust for own what eventually brings with itself as selfdelusion from Mercy provoked Penance that usually comes in form of Temptations and Suffering till at least some Repent actually all that freewillingly want to, practically we are all awakening from the few centuries wrong enlightenment era inertia of humanists that altho failed in all “their” attempts for utopian apostasy still how hijacked many to follow “their” false “exceptionalism” left further room for just another attempt towards “their” n’w’o daydreaming, what surely will end up in oblivion, after what probably will try to reemerge through infiltration in Russia, but again even that will end up in havoc, the problem is that “they” dont care who how will suffer while “they” as euroatlantic determinist lust to secure “their” false usurious might and fake neopagan exceptionalism!

Think I’ve opened thread how ww3 is engaged since 2008, when seen from aspect of the anaconda doctrine for encircling Russia, that now its just in its russian deterrence phase in Ukraine, could it move in hot nuclear ww3 currently hm think not altho ea-globalist are willing to gamble tho I am glad that there are people bold to oppose “their” wrong simulations with pure realism [3] yet risks exists always but risk management also, so think now eventually russians to use tactical nukes if pushed further by trickery, but believe currently there are still not secured circumstances for direct east west confrontation, tho never say never so we should all Praying ultra suffering will not reach this World tho knowing how many are mostly cheerleading in front of tv’s instead going on Liturgies and through Jesus Mercy to invoke extra Grace upon this World so probably seen in such indifferent circumstances things could end up easily out of tracks in which case those who are against transhumanist vibe of ea-determinists would probably want Russia to demilitarize by surprise whole nato in one breath, but again even that will mean suffering tho less devastating than direct clash that would follow if the tensions are upgraded after further compacting of the trenches! Think east is still not ultra compact west even less, plus west is still not fully secured with competing arms and troops to be match at the moment to Russia, altho from fear it could make stupid move eg. releasing wrong bioweapon that could lead to retaliation tho the same could be used as spin by any rivaling faction so would take lead mids the euroatlantic swamp! If You want we can continue this ww3 digressing in the last footnoted thread!

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When considering all the military aid the Western nations have poured into the Ukraine conflict we seem to be in the phase where military actions could get more severe, meaning the military action, and weapons being used on both sides ramped up hotter than they have been up to now.

Yes, I see that you added a footnote - LINK to the Thread, and I will go read it, and respond later. Thanks!

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For one, @Pelister not that interested in ww3 scenarios, but am finding the information provided and the links very interesting. Also getting the rhythm of your covert narrative style: read for meaning, rather than letter/sound/syntax, and read silently.


Moscow elite is preparing for something big.
Videos: Air-Defense Weapons on Moscow Roofs, Hints at Russia Fears (


@QVBB How’s things in Poland?

Eastern Border with Belarus has a lot of miliary movements since the fall of last year. Planes and helicopters monitoring constantly. My grandparent’s farm is 6km strait line from the BY border. I was in Poland in Sep.2022 and have witnessed it personally. Besides that, life as usual. Lots of young UKR women working in every industry mosto of them already speak good Polish.

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Thanks @QVBB That’s pretty much what my friend says but she also thinks Poland will become involved in the conflict.

Aren’t they already. If you think sizable troops on the ground, then not really, unless Belarus Lukashenko gets orders fro Kremlin to instigate somewhere on the PL-BY border.

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@nidster I think above all that the ukrainian crisis was engaged so would be covered the failed plandemix particularly the sudden death spike of jabbed stats [10][10] tho next side benefit would be compacting of eU and securing obedient servitude as disconnected from Russia, but also pushing circumstances for manufactured economic collapse if not on Russia of the western realm so more easily the same will rise to level of superstate by shifting eU in usE and right after merger with usA, and this is obvious knowing how the ukrainian quarrel was not fueled with enough weapons by west i.e. it was timed for 2023 activation, yet think needed to be activated 2021 in rush so would be used as distraction coz the failed covid hype i.e. coz gaslighting attention from the faulty jabs (earlier presented as miracle cure) popped out need the ukrainian trap to be released prematurely! And altho many will say Russia acted on its own, think there is enough evidence that it was lured on it ~ see the arguments in the previous footnotes … again its better to continue this digressing in the ww-III ontopic thread, altho defacto as topic is complementary to this one too i.e. how through a.i. simulations is waged the battle on the front, what again for west is lost spin&trap if dont engage directly, what tho would mean complete debacle if we know its not prepared for such stunt immediately, while any fueling of Ukraine with weapons only goes on behalf of buying time so would reorganize its w’e’f agenda or future shock of its citizens towards hiving, plus in same time cant afford improvisation and yet as we can see improvise, so its obvious that “they” as ea-determinists are in desperate position, and if rush as always in such circumstances desperate elites makes desperate moves, So yes there are risks from hot ww-III, but at the moment the hesitancy for spinned guilt of Russia is huge even it was released ahead some disastrous false flag spin, so western masses would be shocked and embrace nuclear war, but again at the moment west has too many open lines so would drop in direct confrontation with east, so I Hope we will not see total war scenario, maybe further russian claim for demilitarization of the eastern nato block in form of withdrawing icbm batteries from Poland and Romania, but that eventually will follow after 2023/24 …

… anyway back on topic … Maybe, if there were no huge risks in context of “their” tech many could had have embraced “their” reset, first of all if “they” werent so proudly acting exceptional atheists that see us as “hackable animals”, what altho looks as kind of humanist exceptionalism defacto is just imbued scientific reflex of all past neopagan inertia that see Mankind exactly in darwinian terms as accidentally evolved species which so would survive need to remove any ethics on its path towards superhumanity, yeah “rosicrucian’royal’society” planned obsolescence, what not just that is incompatible to the Christian Ethos and Theology but also to “their” current democracy, actually democratic spin for lobotomizing the masses to accept “their” freemasonic republicanism coz easier earlier removal of Christian Royalism i.e. in effect substituting Monotheism with neopaganism [11][11][11] but now when the same republican substitution became obsolete as obstacle towards “their” utopians ideals and agendas toward one’world’government “they” project that need to reach reset by technocracy [12][12] and as always since the enlightenment era the trickery for change through revolution (directly or indirectly provoked as excuse for crucial changes ahead) is achieved by default through propaganda and corruption, the problem is that now need to be simultaneously brainwashed and bribed or colonized whole modern world and that hm as we’ve seen through “their” failed plandemix didnt went smooth, the question is what “they” will flush now how as “their” Plan B C D E if we know that “their” determinism rests on neat long planning hek now tied to a.i. simulations as wrongly stupid blind belief in superiority of machines, as always forgetting to grasp the spiritual variables!


From perspective of the current world order, think now “they” have simple dilemma, coz we dont want all to follow “their” projected autobahn, should “they” polish “their” ego further in utopian phantasmagorias (maybe chased through new more deadlier virus or even complete ordo’ab’chao scenario), or will need to accept “their” predetermined n’w’o failure and instead imposing like nowadays top to bottom directives to stir momentum for True Open Society by inviting all citizens in full participation for shaping their own future [1][1][1] i.e. opening of the system so by democratic instead plutocratic means would be pushed and reached consensus on ideas agendas projects laws and implementation > what is logical ethical path ahead for the western realm in form of wide Participatory Democracy [1][1][1] what altho looks promising and actually seen as probable democratic solution by some [1][1][1] but as could be seen from this last australian footnote now at best is in form of general uncategorized amorphous institutional etool instead eForum for every institution to themathically interact with its citizens as on legislature so as ongoing projects, the problem is that they cant grasp that there should be middle man as link like ngo when state institutional eforums are in question so would be avoided choking coz ghetto drops from hand or on the local municipal eforums also would be narrowed participation to community units or local ngo’s, but no, someone simply lust to keep its plutocratic nepotistic and corrupt systems than to open up them coz cornering the current idealess corrupt and skewed humanistic meritocracy, finally this kind of open democracy think is seen as huge risk by the main western power elites what would be the bankcorp oligarchy along all its owned pawns from the political academic and executive fields coz the vast accumulated wrong doings and bad science in the whole past except this century i.e. defacto in such circumstances will popup various whistlers that if not else so would ease their conscience will speak up about the skewed rigged and misused system in the past, but believe there is fix for this if “they” want to surpass “their” ego as power elites i.e. before Wide Opening of the System to impose amnesty for “themselves” and “their” current pawns, yet if some lust is most difficult to be left is egoism especially when is secured by mammonism and even more when is tied to particular ideological fears i.e. humanism as neopagan elitism to faint with its ideals for heaven’on’earth and superhumanity, bargain that lets hope many among “them” are willing to take, otherwise “they” can prepare for the side effects of “their” own causality i.e. to be consumed by “their” own wrong pride and totalitarian scientificism!


One particular problem that bugs “their” utopianism is the unwillingness of the masses to take the bait for metaverse coz awaken to the fact that it could be hacked [2] or even worst to be used for hacking of our psyche [2] what means now with caution to participate in such system many are loosen variables coz what “their” a.i. bots will not be able to bring stable projections thus full digital system cant be skewed and tweaked for good, nor like that its stability is secured for granted, hek if dont monitor all brains in its realm how would know that no virus will slip in, so thats why “they” rest “their” hopes on total remote control, but as we can see the same cant be executed by trickery, so whats left > either totalitarian chipping, or what would be ideally > abandoning this chipp dem all homo’silicone’agenda and I really dont get why this is not voluntary process!? what are “they” afraid from? why are so blind that till stable change if to those that are willing to become cyborgs there will be many glitches errors and debacles!? are “they” fearing this so said “themselves” lets experiment with all so more quickly will reach stable version!? normally bioethics and ecoethics are risks for “them” this kind of bionic&chimeric revolution not to pen out as expect if go step by step, aside that could provoke extra animosity by the masses coz failed experiments even those were voluntary, plus defacto such skim at the moment is tied ultra to bioethics, altho recently circumvented by trickery through the emergency authorization mids “their” plandemix! So now caught in atrocious gap are probably even more afraid as elites to leave room for Vide Opening Of The System when alone “their” spinned plandemix can be brought on judgement and along all agenda for hiving the western citizens in one huge panopticon, plus one that is ready to be upgraded in mandatory simulacrum! And I guess now will play the alien card, so would keep the flock trained further, maybe with excuses that wanted to chip us all so would discern who among us is Angel i.e. comparing cctv haarp and sat data along all chipped walking bodies to catch the intruders in as “they” think “their” world, probably troubling for “them” as neopagan euroatlantic elites that on one side dont accept the Free Will on other push earthly utopian determinism and on top not even willing to make compromise but force all by trickery on submission knowing that as minority can easily lose grip later on the system and like that Christians to reset “their” reset. So in fear and from despair trying to push “their” n’w’o inertia, mostly through implanted geopolitical fear like: “we need to push for homo’silicone reality coz if we dont our enemies will” [2] altho defacto in many cases “they” alone as euroatlantic elites in the past century fed the eastern empires with “their” tech and poisons so now would use them as excuse, hm wrong approach what else to say, now even wrong responses as solutions, but actually wrong ideals and agendas …

… eh if just “they” would be willing to see “themselves” in the mirror how selfdelusional became by “their” own exceptional empiricism resting on wrong exceptional theories eg. like darwinism and malthusianism, actually “their” exceptional philosophical fallacies like deism “and alike neoplatonist slips” that actually brought “them” to level beyond pharaohs i.e. to level of proclaimed earthly gods tho nothing else but seldelusional idols ready to sacrifice all in the name of “their” might and progress by alchemic new’atlantis’blueprint, and it will come to pass that “their” stubborn pride if not demasked loudly and like that pressure “them” on Metanoia obviously will throw many in abyss those that are enough blinded to accept and follow “their” humanistic exceptionalism except “their” spins&skims one particularly wrong is that “they” underestimate Common People as zoon’politicon but seeing them merely as idiot voting machine usually useful for “their” exceptional empirical statistics, an wrong elitism [2] that either will come to end by intellectual will or it will consume itself in its inclusive humanistic pride!

Probably good step ahead is embracing Realism as Centrism what would mean Balanced Multipolar World [3] but if that is not secured by eTOS as opening of the system (so would be evaded easily any corrupt exceptionalist or nepotistic infiltrations) then sooner than later again some tyrant will pop up from behind the scenes that will hijack democracy towards totalitarianism whether in form of pax’britanica pax’americana or pax’universalis as western imperialism! Hm, will we be so lucky to see such future cant say, I just know that “they” are now afraid not to lose grip on the system, so by no means we cant afford ourselves citizen radicalization towards violence coups or revolutions simply such spin will fuel “their” determinism towards swift responses eg. marshal laws and by suspending democracy whats left than pumping on steroids technocracy and transhumanism as emergency response, so its wise The Majority to calm own rage by contemplating Agrarianism as personal investment towards survival if not selfsufficiency in case anyhow the western financial casino burst ahead, for what its enough even Agrarian Knowhow and storing some Seeds so People can secure if not insure their bellies from starvation, actually food and water could be easily secured if there is will, the problem as always will be the criminal mindset of those who are not willing to work or became addicts, homelessness is also issue, but again with little focus towards rural communes it could be achieved faster than we think acclimatization to eventual world wide economic collapse [4] defacto we have tech and knowhow many to get back quickly on feet even now dependent on the imported food and supply chains, but look mom someone dont want to leave “their” utopian neopagan nirvana and is ready to borg down all so would say humanist empiricism wasnt wrong, even worst see us as useless eaters that as guinea pigs need to take part in “its” metaverse simulacrum!

Hm, all this “metaverse” hype as linked to IoB and IoT could had have more easily slipped if there were no w’e’f and/or u’n agendas like great’reset (western) or agenda’21 (global), that points that for “them” shift towards technocracy is imminent whether masses like it or not, and knowing this its really logical all the antinwo paranoia that emerged as result, especially when even before the introduction of “their” technocracy its already introduced transhumanist bionic&chimeric m’rna tech as basis for that imposed top to bottom scientific dictatorship shift, which logically would be secured and executed through SWS alike hive, but in essence with the failed plandemix we see now in panic an uncoordinated rush for luring the masses by careeristic or hedonistic baits [5][5]’[5][5] what would had have been important for gaining confidence momentum in “their” digital future i.e. to be given boost to the virtual reality hype so many will experience some benefit from “their” hive before logged in for good ~ Cronenberg comes to mind [6][6]’[6][6][6] i.e. many to enter “their” hive on small door and without hesitation either coz economy medicine business education art or fun, surely the order would had have been ideal for “them” to go vice versa, yet I expect that now when failed to turn the switch easily through trickery, that will try to go by force, but first need to see how much weapons are in free circulation in usA so would evade any revo risk scenario (the last atf regulation for registering guns with stabilizing braces and/or binoculars is one step ahead to catalogize the bulk of unregistered guns that as such are extra precise) before flush any planned economic collapse coz institutional shapeshifting from plutocracy to technocracy! But probably mids crisis “they” hope most of “their” broilers will not hesitate to chose “wisely” between hunger and digital’ubi’gulag as lost in space broilers unwilling for rural selfsufficience [7][7] which maybe first as trial more easily would be flushed in eU than usA coz less unregistered weapons around, but the issue is that eU is still not federalized [8] thus the current ukrainian crisis actually could had have been manufactured also with this kind of variable in “their” simulator, so the union will be forced on faster centralization due to systemic failure, normally problem solution is the fastest way for evading any wide public resistance, still as always forgetting on the causality anecdote about trickery digger [9] actually this already hit “them” with the failed plandemix so it will with any spin on behalf of our true nature!