@QVBB for homosilicone risks I am certain we will not lose chance for Salvation, altho as we can see from the graphene oxide side effects Many are collateral, but for homochimera I am not certain how mixing of human and animal dna will end UP, maybe as nature the first “contact” i.e. those who will be modified as guinea pigs will have more issue with suffering as still bearers of the Holy Spirit, but their offspring its question whether will be eligible for Salvation and Pass Over, in essence what Tom Horn was alarming decade ago now is unraveling before our eyes, the problem with these speculations is that all this is covert agenda so we can just guess what risks are at stake as with the dods simulacrum [1][1] so as with the dods jabs [2][2][2]

@ShadowNet hm maybe quantum comps “they” hope will question biothecs as valid excuse not to roll out wide covert experiment like plandemix coz mass transhumanist shift through “their” bionic&chimeric jabs, tho if Q is not carriable for all physicists [3] then who can tell whether “their” supercomps and ai’s will spew “them” normal solutions for “their” “problems”!?

@Pelister 2k years ago the existing humans were tinkered so many times including pig genome in all of us, changing the number of digits from 6 to 5, etc., and yet Christ was incarnated exactly in a form of current man, including 5 digits and questionable genome. Bluntly put it was a middle finger showing by High Heaven to all the copycats thru out of millennia aka enemies of the God.

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this is metaphysics I am not aware of, would say speculation that surpass the Theology and the science known to me i.e. who has done that how, as I am aware by Jesus Christ this is not suggested anyhow but also I havent seen any research eg. of nephilims changing our dna before the Great Deluge, at least there are no studies that giants have other dna, so on what basis rest Your claim? tho this would be too oftopic debate in this thread so we can continue it in other more ontopic! altho here will add that that Tom Horn logic its really compelling, simply The Holy Spirit is given to Mankind and not animals thus mixing our dna with them will provoke falling from out true nature!

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I tend to agree. There are nuances, but on the whole.

I think many try to consider this, especially after taking certain psychoactive drugs that produce a disembodied experience. Meditation and kundalini yoga will also get you close.

But I would question if we as humans are configured correctly to handle this kind of disembodiment.

Certainly it is not for those in possession of weak knees.


ShadowNet what You suggest is astral, and astral realm take my word (speaking from experience as ex-pagan) is the realm where looms demons-anathema-to-them, actually all “alien experience” is from that plain, and altho at first hand is somehow liberating the feeling that we are Living Souls right after either You will bow to the spirits there or You will suffer till dont, after what only way out is by abundant Grace through Inchurched Consecrate Life in my case Orthodox Christianity, plus I was really lucky that was unpolluted Young Soul plus didnt end up in any cult what is by default case with many older people when will master kundalini meditation or whatever esoteric meditation as a matter of fact, practically all new age hype too except the astral practices of the pagan mysticisms, so would say be careful with what You are playing with, simply if that plain was for our good there wouldnt be barrier to this World, what is even worst is achieving such gates by drugs, natural or artificial, check the first links in the 8th post [1] tho now we dont need to continue digressing in this thread its better to switch in another ontopic one …

Here I’ll point that the ego is passion of the Soul while the Personality awareness of the Soul for its existence, and if by any means we can be deceived by programming of our body to hallucinate in particular simulacrum animated by some a.i., then surely there are risks many to be fooled to accept such environment as real, altho its extra vague how such induced by machines holodeck can maintain stability if all kind of risks to the signal or the power supply exist!? So more logical assumption would be that such matrix either will not reach lasting existence if employed on wider “blue beam” alike scale or it will merge or shift to more sinister one - either by opening portals for greater possession by demons-anathema-to-them [2] and like that throwing the “hacked” in live delusions, or opening gap to the astral realm for direct attack by the fallen-spirits-anathema-to-them but again this could not last simply its forbidden by Our Almighty Lord …

… also think Mankind is not confronted only by alchemic transhumanist agendas, but above “them” are even worst utopianists like freemasons (read luciferians), so not just that there are risks that “their” simulacrum will be used for panopticon simulations or “action” purposes, but also for throwing as many Souls as possible in oblivion by various means deprived from Grace and as consequence after from Salvation, cant imagine how all the current sinful trends that even now hold many blinded will evolve i.e. will explode as on steroids mids virtual reality or worst mids astral walks, in the first case stimulated eg. on low passions like fears or lusts through elctrochemical buzzing by some red’dressed’ai while in the second case by succubis, maybe combo mode will hit all devoted to “their” cause!

… we should remember that Descartes thought the Cogito “undoubtable” … turns out that it can be doubted.


I have no idea if we live in a simulation, and also even if we do I still need to get out of bed in the morning and feed my cat.

As to the question of a world ‘machine’ being the sum of all the quanta teetering around on it and that living database being somehow a readable quantum bitstream that can predict markets I think it is entirely possible.

But that is quite a recent development and I imagine the luciferians have much older and more efficient means of reading what’s coming down the pike.


Your cat will probably make sure to wake you up and keep waking you! LOL!

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… ShadowNet, I assure you (and anyone else who may genuinely be wondering the same) neither you nor I live in a simulation. and here’s the test. Determine what you think are the assumptions that one should “live” by in a simulation, then act on the beliefs generated by those assumptions as if they were indicative of real states of affairs in the world. See how doing that works out for you. Reading signs and Interpreting them are two different things. We should not fall for The Selden Fallacy. … and yes, always, always feed your pets … and your self. :slight_smile:


I think the cats are running the show behind the scenes, flipping switches and meowing into a rudimentary microphone wizard of Oz style.


How would a simulation come up with intake and excrete cycles? It seems almost “Anti-AI”. Other odd physical dependencies as well. IDK, just askin’.

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The simulation hypothesis seems to be an example of how given the initial conditions defined by the rules of the system we have to work with you can arrive at a conclusion that makes it almost certain to be true.

But I’m not sure if that proves anything, I rely on subject matter experts which hasn’t gone too well recently.

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Yeah, I stopped doing that too. It was a mess…

Ultimately control freakery on this scale leads to a bland corporatism, everything loses its spice.

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Agree. When I am reading anything and see the word “expert” or phrase “the experts say” I get an automatic red flag, especially when there is nothing in the reading backing up what makes them an “expert”. Ug.

Hm, I didnt say anywhere we are living in simulation but this sws is potential one, and the first footnote in the 11th post surely points that we are heading towards where is also assumption that ElonM neuralink will be the hiving link, probably many dont even bother to check the footnotes so here is the video tagged …

again I am guessing in the synth. telepathy thread that “their” holodeck can be secured by other means too [1][1] and this stretch the economic variables in the OP rather in fictional economy if indeed is introduced live matrix anytime ahead, tho coz “they” are not aware about the spiritual variables in this world as transhumanists I am sure will be disappointed when “their” hive will burst like bubble sooner than later once it will be introduced, yet I am speculating that the faction of freemasons among the euroatlantic determinists will release way sinister skim, but as we know from The Revelation eventually even that will faint, So its comfort to be known that we have work with obsolete attempts for neopagan heaven’on’earth yet we need to be watchful not to be peddled towards the same and would anyhow slip on any bait eg. through hedonistic fun to be lured in seemingly benign virtual reality show and right after to be trapped in whatever simulacrum of “theirs” that could be also projected in our reality if we are walking cortical modems!

The main problem now tho is that the same skim obviously is pushed covertly by jabbing many without consent with graphene oxide that acts as cortical modem, and its not at all far fetched that the same along nanobots can be pushed also down our throats through the food chain some assume coz the same are “transparent” to the naked eye it could be also released through beverages or bottled water along chemtrails, what is interesting is that this can be achieved also by other conductive metals and alloys as some speculate [2][2][2] strangely noone guess that easiest way for delivery is human interaction i.e. if those particles can be programmed to accumulate in the lungs could be also shared as aerosols by coughing, tho more logical would be by nanoswarms [3][3] when the trained by m’rna cells will print out some I’ll speculate xenobot proteins that will act as cortical modems [4] “This probability was imagined, therefore, it already exists” [5] yeah there was one relatively older psy anime in context kundalini too as employed in vr while even there the bionic mosquitos will chase the “engaged” in the bionic revolution [6] hm dont know is it word for prophetic artistic projection or just another predictive programing mids the trance scene as most exploited experimental group in the past decades like voluntary modern hippies’ upgraded tho with alien and cyborg hype unlike their hedonistic predecessors confined predominantly to the astral one, as experienced by both I have luck that had have hold to the pagan vibes than these neopagan one thus opened in time eye with “whom” I have work, simply ea-determinist already released earlier some trials but its one think someone freely to chase some hype but completely different to be thrown without knowledge and consent in such on top by plandemix trickery and fear propaganda, hm whats next so would complete “their” agenda, maybe mengelian ww3 fema camping so eugenicists would work even smoother without the burden of gloves masks or lancet!?

And there is also this… :thinking:
You know, your friendly neighbor Ameca,оr even your ruler, or monarch.
Why not right?
And that is the whole point of this kind of “alternative” Christmas message with which “they” are trying to accustom and reprogram you and your offsprings to accept it as normal everyday life,and which can easily become a reality for millions of people on the planet in about approximately 15 to 20 years from now, if not sooner.
Can you feel it?
Like there is something sneaking already in your mind,and it’s not pleasant nor good?
Right? :smirk:

Wowsers, its even got the whole Greta gurn going on!


Yes, I just read about the event. Pathetic. But a textbook example of mind-bending, that is, brainwashing.
This is what the final product i.e. Greta Thunberg looks like.

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