Changing of the Human Form

The changing of the mould of Man, in real time:

Are U vaxxxed? It doesn’t matter anymore. We are all poisoned now.
Let’s get real and get together.
IS there anything we can actually do about this???
Or do we just need to adapt to the unavoidable new circumstances???


We are with you that we’ve all been poisoned in various ways, and we, too, have been wondering about what to do.

Do you believe in the capacity of nature and our human body to heal, if given space to do that?
Possibly – whatever we, as individuals, believe on that point may alter our individual trajectories?

We’ve been reading a few articles by individuals investigating different aspects of the covid toxins.

Experiments in detoxifying from Spike Protein (and, we’re interested in exploring the foods themselves, over the pills):

Experiments in detoxifying from Graphene:

Experiments with Fasting:

And, beyond these kinds of things (what to consume and not consume in our bodies), we like to look at the broader issue of community – in-person friendships are very, very, very important part of healing from anything, and we think, more than ever, it’s important to create more ways to be together with people, if only to share a cup of tea. Spiritual practice of some kind is also beneficial, to provide inner strength to move through the darkness.

How are you approaching all of this?

For example:


Ben is a wealth of knowledge, followed him since was only talking about muscle and bodybuilding.
Im glad he has evolved his expertise and talks about more things then getting jacked.

I just keep taking the vitamin and supplement regimen I was taking before covid came along – including supplemental vitamin D3, for example – and eat nontoxic food to the extent I can get and afford it. My thinking is: Do whatever you can to be healthy in body and mind, avoid toxins as much as you reasonably can, and remember that living in fear and anxiety (such as the media was promoting during the “pandemic”) is terrible for your health.

Another thought I’ve had for a while now: If a person has symptoms of covid vax toxicity, whether from first- or secondhand exposure, maybe some of the same treatments that helped covid symptoms (whatever the heck covid is) might help. But that’s just a guess.


Yeah, like most of us here we did not get the ‘jab’. My medical doctors were near the point of complete exasperation with me because I refused the ‘jab’, but when I explained that I have also taken a variety of vitamins and supplements for about 30 years, and have never been ‘sick’, or had any illness since 1996.In that year I caught the annual ‘flu’, and since then have been very careful.

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This sentence in the article caught my attention: “Doctors do not believe in nanotechnology and deny its existence.”

Not surprising to me in the least. Why? Because an overwhelming number of 'doctors, scientist, academics, etc. have had their ‘common sense’ educated out of them. In other words, they only believe what their professors taught them in schools of ‘higher learning’, and what is written in their textbooks, or medical journals. If anything, or anyone dares contradict their belief system it is heretical. It is not proper science, or it is not the way to interpret ‘scripture’. Nothing in real-time, or real-life can overcome that deficit. They have no common sense, no ability to ‘think-outside’ their indoctrination. It is a ‘condition’ that is comparable to a highly religious person’s mentality. This is a mental condition that is far beyond sad, it is ‘scary’.