Chat GPT Owner Fires CEO Sam Altman

Altman’s unexpected dismissal jolts the tech world:
“The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI:”

And he just got hired at —— Microsoft.

That fits. They reported that their contracts would continue, in place.

New CEO of OpenAI Wants to Slow Down AI – Citizen Watch Report

"But this form of calculation limits the language model’s ability to actually “reason” or have any self-referential ability critical to what we consider to be ‘consciousness.’

The new breakthroughs target precisely this area. They allow the language models to, in essence, stop and interrogate different parts of their process—something that’s akin to ‘reflection.’ In other words, it’s like stopping mid-thought and asking yourself, “Wait, is this right? Let me double check it.”

Has something else atached itself to AI tech?

One of my high octane speculations about the article “open AI - Q” saga" is, I wonder if AI already is in use on a large scale. I have a few hobbies of which one is gaming. Yes, I use it as escapism, it serves my needs, but I degress.

I belief one of the latest big budget releases have been made predominantly by AI intelligences, namely Bethesda’s Starfield. The game is not all to well received, and I believe it has to do with the lack of inspirational creativity that humans bring to the table.

Critics, mainly on steam have been answered by socalled devs in why they are wrong in their assesment. The responses by those devs are numerous, so numerous in fact youtube is rife with speculation that those answers are AI bot related.

So yes, I speculate this game is a total fake from a human perspective and the makers are defending themselves. Another experiment on a grand scale humanity isn’t privy to!