Chick Corea band, got a match!

Not sure if it’s anyone’s cup of tea but had to share this phenomenal solo from Frank Gambale playing with Chick Corea and Dave Weckl.

It’s one wild fairground ride filled with some great ‘outside’ chromaticism and for you Giza drummers Weckl needs no introduction.


Yes, Frank’s solo here is red hot! Just for the record, Frank hails from Canberra, Australia, where his parents ran a music store. Frank and I were students at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood back in 1983/4. Even then he was a noteworthy guitarist, and his creative use of melodic minor scales was a strong feature of his playing. Scott Henderson (from tribal Tech) was also at MI at the time, and watching these two go head-to-head in various school jams and concerts was great fun. Scott happily traversed all 12 keys in many 12-bar Blues pieces, often taking multiple choruses that seemed to be on the edge of oblivion before Scott ‘magically’ resolved to the key center of the piece in the last 4 bar phrase. Two very exciting young players back then, and both went on to have excellent music careers. Frank’s work with both Chic Corea and with Steve Smith’s ‘Vital Information’ is worth searching the online records for IMO. As for Dave Weckl, I can add nothing that hasn’t been said many times…an original voice on drum set, and his drum sound alone is worth noting. Not many musical posts make it in here, but thanks Shadownet for brightening up my day lol! :slight_smile:


Thanks @beatthedrum, I will check out Vital Information.

Such amazing chops makes me smile each time I discover a new video of these guys.

There’s a great group discussion about history with the band they did after Chick Corea passed away, I think it’s on FG’s YouTube channel. Worth a watch.

I must dig out the three way drumoff with Weckl Gadd and Colaiuta, that is stunning.

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Got to see Chick open up for Bela Fleck a couple of summers back.


I have seen the group discussion from Chic Corea band members you mention…worth watching! And here is a link to Weckl, Gadd (Gadd plays his ‘famous’ Legend Of The One Eyed Sailor solo, and then goes into his singular treatment of a Mozambique rhythm…) and Colaiuta playing with Buddy Rich Band…only a short clip, but there will be links on the page to other clips from that concert :slight_smile: Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd - Buddy Rich: drums - YouTube

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How about some B.B. King??? :hugs:



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Thanks!!! Had never seen that B.B, King tune!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: