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Thanks. Clif also did an interview w/Naomi Wolf yesterday, I believe. Here it is -


Thanks @ntwess . Appreciated.


Now that’s thinking material! Thanks.


For those who haven’t heard them. Older videos. If anyone finds Part 3, please post it. All sorts of great interviews with Dr. JPF, Richard Dolan and others. Rainy day here so just listening and around the house.

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Deleted post wrong episode

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You can post it anyway. Probably the one on Antarctica? It kept coming up in my search.

Clif High was right about the mass of deaths starting in earnest now. Just got word one of my best friends husband in hospice just passed away. My next door neighbor died less than 2 weeks ago. Both jabbed & boosted, AND both had underlying illnesses; diabetes for one and cancer recovery for the other. I think this might be a big link, as well as age, with those most likely to succumb first.

With regard to shedding, I think there has to be fluid contact to contact for there to be a chance of that. Dr. House: blood and sex. (Or eyes, nose, mouth.)

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Naomi Wolf said something which we all know and I take to heart about ‘shedding’. I think, at this point, if it’s true, it’s strictly bodily fluids. Don’t know if it’s on the skin or not, but I hate shaking hands anyway, and if I must, I handle everything else with the other hand afterward until I can find a place to wash.

Min. 00:50

Yeah I was taken back by Naomi’s interviews with both Alex and Clif. Seems her husband Brian has had a significant impact of helping her understand how realty and society is actually constructed during her “red pill” catharsis.


I’ve been considering the Jones/Wolf conversation regarding ‘AI now being in control’ and have to wonder how much this is the case? ‘Military’ AI has been used for decades, but ‘Literary’ AI, ex. writing an article, seems to be a bit different. Back when Rhianna was doing her thing at Super Bowl, I mentioned a lot of articles seemed to be written with odd grammatical errors and broken sentence structure. I felt sure it was AI and am still in that camp. This problem with AI seems to be clearing up and I’m finding less foibles with its writing. (Not that my writing is any better. Just sayin’.)

If we are completely taken by AI, as Jones suggests, then we’d be had already and no use in elections or any of the farce we’re seeing. Why would machine mind even bother? If, on the other hand, AI is a ‘consultant’ to humans who want to own Our Earth, then it would explain most all the events that our bastardized history has allowed us.

Ms. Wolf asserts that events taking place must be the work of a machine-like evil, unlike anything to date because it targets childbearing aged women and children in such a specific manner. I was a bit surprised to hear this from her, as it’s well known that Nazi camps targeted women and children for the gas more so than men able to physically labor. If you look closely at what’s happening, it’s the same strategy, just ‘bumped up a notch’, as Emeril used to say. This tells me that human labor is still needed for some reason and it might be that AI is not able to perform the intricacies needed to achieve whatever goal is planned.

Wolf also stated that working aged men and women of childbearing age were being ‘housed’ and that’s not entirely true. The men, yes, the women, not so much, unless directly related to the family of a particular man. Numerous women and children are being left on the outside, while men are getting more perks. It also seems that women and children are disappearing for whatever reasons, likely nefarious, but not the men. Typical throughout the history of slavery.

There’s a ‘build-out’ of some sort to be performed in the near future, I think Bidens’ ‘role’ was to prep for it, and I don’t think he got as much done as was needed. What does this say of the role of the next POTUS to come? Likely Trump?

Trump is perfect for the built out, his whole career was involved building his “empire”, utilizing and maximizing the use of available materials, credit and people.

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Yep, he’s perfect for it, not to mention he signed it into Law in 2018.

Should all Clif High videos be posted under this topic? Sifting thru a bunch of Clif’s podcasts here and I still can’t tell if it has been posted already. Posted one yesterday and here is one from today. Just delete if this is a duplicate or advise where I should put similar posts. (I am an idiot but alot of news is coming out as we speak.

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You’re doing fine. No, all Clif’s videos do not need to be posted here. It just so happened that he released 2 or 3 in one day Sat & Sun, and in that case, I will put them on the same thread with a minimal explanation in the title.

Thank you for posting this. I hadn’t seen it yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Clif High NOTES (From Clif & friends) for May/June 2024 - unfolding of our future -

Link for same info -

Re: june 15 or july 15

From clif high on 2024-06-13 07:17 PM

june 15 is already working . It may be until end of the month for the normies to get the impact.

It’s the lock up of international trade on orders from USA b/c of petrodollar death.

By end of summer some people will be using tea bags 3 & 4 times to make them last. Fuel prices may well double here in N. America by mid July. Then if it gets ugly they may double again by end of August.

End of the consumer society as far as USA is concerned.

Shortages by 4th of July.

Taiwan is getting throttled even tighter. Going to go hot soon. Maybe by 7/15.

Bonds are roiling & the [DS] is in panic mode over that.

Commercial RE in Canada is collapsing slightly faster than here. In July their residential prices will start to drop, pretty rapidly. Emigration and bank bonds & govt monetary finagling will be to blame.

USA commercial RE is just on the edge of going over. Local prices here continue to drop on commercial yet raise on mid price homes, while falling on the very high end. Some of the houses around billy gates area around Lake Washington area in seattle are dropping 1m & 1.5 m off the prices in the last month.

chemtrails galore last 3 days.

Anyway, lots more on the trade front….(…) Monero is also nice for the privacy. And speedy.


From clif high on 2024-05-27 07:06 PM

100k for BTC.

50$ for Ag.

Then breakdown starts in the ‘institutions’ that are derivatives dependent.

BTC is going to test 74k. Then floor there. Then jump up along with silver as they go through various resistance points. There is a large jump at the end to take us over 100k to some degree. It may well go 120k before any pull back.

Taiwan is going to go into deep drop in many different areas. This will be part of the building chaos for Fall.

From clif high on 2024-06-05 09:14 AM

BIG jump up in assaults on officialdom. both people, and images. All around english speaking world.

BIG assault (12 days from now?) on ‘migrants’. Killing, burning, mayhem.

Major shift in BTC. i think floor at 74 holds on way to 112k.

Big infrastructure shitteree in North America. Will affect canada too. Maybe Mx.

Other stuff. On our way to July 15.

right now, i would have to say 7/15 = Nuke WAR!

Just the emotional level. If not that, then a complete all out assault on officialdom pretty much in all the WEF captured countries. ELites hung in the streets. Gutted & laying there for anyone to take a selfie with…that sort of thing.

On 2024-06-09 02:33 PM, clif high wrote:

Also, i suspect dollar wonkiness is going to affect the ‘stable coins’.

On 6/9/24 11:31 AM, clif high wrote:

i am trying to get two years of supplements stored away & 2 years of shelf stable foods like honey & flours & coffee = staples that i will use anyway, not emergency supplies.

i have complete sets of tires for both vehicles as well as new batteries & common filters stored.

Whatever is coming in July will end the ‘consumer’ society.

Entirely different world starts emerging in days after the 15th.

Bo polny says ‘biblical’ not knowing it means ‘deliberate lie by way of translations to play you’.

It will be biblical for a few years.

We should see the Japanese bank stuff this week.

That will be our clue to spend out all USA FRNS.

From clif high on 2024-06-09 10:46 PM

IMO, in spite of the propaganda, they have already abandoned the idea of the CBDC. We are way beyond that.

What i am talking about is them being able to maintain reasonable order here in N. America.

And AU/NZ to a lesser extent.

i think there is a real probability that Red Guard style noodles will go down. Real bolshevik kind of mayhem.

It’s only going to succeed briefly. But it will be difficult times for months as a natural outgrowth of that level of violence, and many people will die.

On 2024-06-09 10:14 PM, clif high wrote:

by tursday you should have some evidence starting to show up in msm
about dead petrobux.

They will be very reluctant to say noodles right out, but we should have
some early dribbles of their narradigm forming up.

Consider what the msm/[DS] has to do to keep ahead of the dead
petrodollar story. This is the first week of a huge, months long
effort that is doomed to spectacular failure.

From clif high on 2024-06-11 04:27 PM

not that specific. Just ‘alt’ as opposed to msm. So not known.

Just going to be a bad 19 months. Conflict manifesting a many different levels.

On 6/11/24 12:53 PM, JC wrote:

more context please?
alt media as in the controlled opo guys?

On 2024-06-11 03:39 PM, clif high wrote:

increased paranoia is wise after the 15th of june. And til 2026. Going
to be violent times here in N. America.

Some of the Alt media types won’t be surviving these next few months.
September seems to bring a pause in the tragedy language around alt

From clif high on 2024-06-10 01:58 PM

if i take the data from 6/27 through to 7/17 in order to capture the building tension

and separate the sets by category of dominance, there are 18997 that make up the building tension in total.

Of interest is that the UFO set, while large and growing, is not dominant then, but grows more rapidly post 7/17. BUT the UFO set has a disproportionate amount of building tension relative to its size. This metric is set-size to total emotional tension value. So the UFO set is large, but is only at position 2711 relative to that size (of the sets i care about, tons are discarded as of no interest). But the ratio here is

2711 to 891 BT (a relatively high, raw building tension value). And all kinds of key words within the set are loaded with emotive values.

Basically by 7/17, the UFO set will be bubbling up into public awareness again. More so than last few times.

The amount of BT at 7/14 is pretty large, then it goes vertical early am 7/15. Runs for 24 hours more/less, then drops in big release language that clears us out about 2/3rds. So still a whopping big residual carrying forward.

Without getting into the details, there are threshold values within each active words numeric aspect identifiers which may indicate an ‘action’ occurring as that threshold of emotive value is crossed.

The number of active words that cross their individual thresholds within the largest 3000 sets is indicating that we can expect some form of dynamic movement to seemingly precipitate the BT rise. These words are not dominated by what i would expect to see if it was nuke war. That threshold level, the one connected to nukes, is pretty high, and realistically is untested since we have not had nukes go off since i have been running this software. Nonetheless, i don’t find data to be pointing towards nuke war.

So, it is a something that is likely kinetic/action filled, and is going to occur or be reported early am 7/15 following a few weeks of general building tension value rise.

The largest set, and the one with the most BT values, and the highest Position to BT value ratio, is dominated by financial language. There are fewer action words near their threshold values within this set though. So while there may be stuff, active stuff, coming out of here, it does not appear to be the cause of the state change in the language on 7/15.

The language within all the various WAR sets does indicate action here. Both in terms of humans vs [DS], and surface war such as gaza. There is also intriguing language about Navy that may be pointing to a UFO incident being reported wrongly.

The sets would seem to indicate a great deal of reasonably fast arriving tension in the N. American pop (including CA). Within the data, it is discordant. This may be an artifact of how the data gathering was done, as i did not do that part, i can’t rule it out.

But the effect of the discordant appearance is to suggest an ‘all out assault’ on humans. So antifa & BLM unleashed along with illegals while 5g is going batshit and power grid wonky while chemtrails like never before and weather attacks while the jew space lasers are trying to fry people out of places. Lots of data connecting California with laser blasted. Some of that could be movie related. Have to be careful there.

So maybe it is Epstein release and escalation in the infowars that forces the desperate [DS] to go full on ‘bunker mode’ and unleash everything they are able.

data does indicate that (misused) ‘hyperinflation’ word will be rising rapidly in language use from 6/15 to 7/15 and will bring a whole lot of normies into this new world