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By now most of the readership of this website will have heard about the Vatican’s excommunication of Archbishop Vigano, the former apostolic nuncio (ambassador) to the United States. And so many of you emailed me with this or that article about the story that I am compelled to comment about it, though I do so…


It was a great relief for me to discover that the “God” of the Old Testament is not the Creator off All. It would have helped if we had received a correct translation & tried to discover where all these different Belief Systems had come from & what was their purpose… :thinking: We each have come down our own unique path to arrive at the conclusions we have come to!! May we continue to learn & grow in this ever-expanding Universe.


I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church but left a few years after my Confirmation. One reason I became disenchanted was after studying the history of medicine and the R.C. Papal efforts to suppress any private medical practice as such funds might be diverted from church collections . I know payment to the church was probably better than most common Medieval medical practices like bloodletting as a universal cure all, however it retarded basic medical progress overall . When sickness came to the Popes however , Jews and the Arabs that lived in those church areas and still successfully practiced medicine were often called in for consultation and treatment and paid by the same church that forbade such heresy.


Absp Vigano calls for a global alliance to resist anti human deep state anti Christian deep church.


Yeah, let’s get back to catacombs, wet dream of globalists all over the world.

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The Roman Catholic Church has turned into a refuge and club for homosexual, pedophile, priests. They’re still in control.

Thank you for this piece Dr Joseph. I was raised RC in Ireland and learned any of the Latin which I still possess as an alter-boy (or server if that suits better). I loved and was connected to the cadence of the liturgy and prayers, sung or spoken. As an adult it was always amazingly connecting to be able to attend Latin Mass wherever I travelled with work. Never felt any homesickness at all. However, even now, the church in Dublin where I was baptised, made first communion and was confirmed, with it’s primary and secondary school next door, is one of the last parishes still offering the Latin Mass, but unfortunately Latin is no longer taught in the school. I fear that this parish service will go in time soon enough. My sense is that the service may actually continue in venues as the original Christians worshipped, namely in private homes. I have rescued a small number (would you believe from E-Bay) of pre-1962 alter missals for that purpose. So much of the liturgy, ritual intent, spiritual connection and communion of the faithful in prayer has been diluted by VC2, that another agenda most definitely was executed to that specific purpose. In the event, that Latin services are terminated entirely, I may actually seek out the Orthodox Church in Ireland, who knows learn some Greek along the way, and at least get close to the original church again, perhaps even feeling less an outsider when visiting Greece. In the meantime, Est in manu Dei et angelorum☺️


Good for you and thank you for rescuing old missals…I have the same practice, and yes, I have the feeling they will be needed.