Contaminated pet food killing-Pesticides?

I was searching for a video on food when I came over this one.
Read myself up lately on animals now being targeted by the insane “depopulation gang”, the usual suspects, and this seems to fit that agenda a little to good.


Dr. Richard Pitcairn (homeopathic vet, retired I think) has an old web page that lists some books on the topic of toxic pet foods. Food Issues | Pitcairn Education Programs

He wrote a book called Dr. Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats in which he gave nutritionally balanced recipes that one can make at home.

He did not seem to be a fan of vaccines for pets either.


thank you for this one .

Sadly, the pet food scandal is nothing new, and I’ve been aware of it for over 25 years, when at that time, my dog suffered from the very health problems highlighted in the video (seizures included). I’m glad this issue is finally getting some attention. Best wishes with an improved diet for your sweetie!


Thanks for posting this! Two sites that I found useful for info: Dr. Judy Morgan, and Susan Thixton’s ‘Truth About Pet Food’. Both of them said that the FDA isn’t handling this the way the previous big pet food problems were handled.
It’s difficult to get good information but there are a number of brands reported. Chaos seems to rule everywhere.


Great info this! Thank you so much , Ill be sure to check this out.
Have a nice weekend you :hugs:

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