CPE Bach: Concerto in D minor Wq 23

Gustav Leonhardt plays the composition known to Dr Farrell and me as “it”. This is the recording that Dr F and I used to listen to together about twice a day in Oxford. It’s a shame that the harpsichord isn’t bigger and louder. But it will be bigger and louder in heaven!


Hey old friend. I’m glad you mentioned the harpsichord. One thing that constantly grates with me is the unending practice of using French or Flemish instruments to perform the Bachs’ harpsichord works. They both owned or had access to large multi-choir instruments with 16’ choirs, and listening to them being performed on such instruments puts the thunder back into those compositions. I do have some CPE - Wq6 and Wq 12, on a large Hass double, and the difference is incredible.

Any way, thanks for revisiting “It”. Truly an incredible piece by an incredible musical mind.