Crows flying around the church in heywood that the heywood family financed in my town HEYWOOD

Shelly visited Middleton and Heywood cotton towns with a free slave " o scara " to the wealthy, a token of " my lady " was to fasten a neck device that makes eating difficult and painful assuring if you relaxed the pressure would dig into the skin, a lady wanted to test the barbaric act by wearing it, 20 mins to the protest of her husband, she couldn’t look Wilberforce in the eyes out of shame of thinking she could experience the Negro suffering. She wanted it removed right away. I was going to post the poem but didn’t, but this Sunday morning seeing the Crows doing circles around the steeple then take off at church start ( they live in trhe steeple but the bell

ringing )

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Undine … Before the Peterloo massacre by the Yeoman part Timer stand in Army ( omg " ,its just hit me why that happened at that time of year, the Wakes break for the cotton mill workers ) the wake is the time of year that the workers would put on their Glad Rags for a week for Religious family practices, Shelly and friends made an impact and made in Roads and the Cotton workers would experience the impact of Transportation Down-Under, keeping company the organisers of the Protest marches on the Pennines during the only time of each of the Towns allocated "Whit Wake Week "annual break, this fact is overlooked and sent a shock of what to expect of an educated lower class, the horror on discovery of the trade they worked in that was void of all Christian values and that the Suffering was common factor they also shared but more in-humane, was BERNARDO’S a response of Christian Charity to help the Orphans of parents transported due to their Christian duty in the Anti Slavery movements ? The hardships and knock on effects (especially of incorporating JADE HELM Dutch courage to sabotage of Factory machinery that were all fixed and made right during the workers Wake Week was obvious the break-downs was when workers were back, hungry bellies and families would have resulted in divisions and false witness against those on the Mill owners suspicion, rewards of promotions in hard times ( nothing new here ) so Peterloo was more than an unruly crowd and Drunken Yeoman part-time Army ( that’s why the panic in London of these non-experienced Army stand in would have been a success to Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Army if they hadn’t turned back to Scotland because the Real UK Army were in Europe and when called back home wouldn’t have made it in time ) … Peterloo I believe was not only due to the corn Laws but of a 1660 desire and realisation that a Ship Canal was a Reality fact, ( the Rivalry that still exists today and played out in Sport ) gone would be the days of Cargo missing and much preferred a Mancunian stealing the material rather than a Liverpudlian, more freight passed through those docks than London, Bristol was 2nd biggest but Liverpool the 1st and reason why there were more Banking houses there in which street names were given after ( the HEYWOOD family even had a bank there, I would guess their closures were the needs to asseverate and putting their money were there mouth was , they would have been part financiers to the Canal and bowing out with A monument of Land Donation to our Towns Park, named for Queen Victoria ( I will show you a Photo of it at the bottom …ps …just discovered it was voted the best park in Britain …wow …didnt know that

) , I think the Canal got a Steroid shot after the American Civil War and on learning the Sons of those who acquired Factory promotions by False Witness against those who asked for Accountability of the ill practices of the Cotton Trade and if not Hung was sent to Australia, those Sons were sent to fight for the Confederacy. Napoleon, Marx ,Hitler and Ghandi all visted Lancashire and each took away the Nordic Dane Hospitality and lore ( 2 of those names would have learnt from my Grandparents the wisdom of never sleeping on an Argument but to awake to a New Day free of it, 96 yrs was the proof of the Pudding but Africa, Malta, Scilly and Italy from 39 to 46 and the stress of Bombs, bombs was enough of a dose for a Cancer to take my Grand-pop in 1960 … RH neg, is it a blessing ? Well my Dads Dad who fought in WW1 outlived my mums dads when he passed away in the 80s. Undine. I think I’ve managed to say what i originally set off to say but will add a little Token of what Napoleon did after visiting Morcambe bay ,Southport , he saw the streets designs of Wide berth roads and Archetcture of which he incorporated into the new designs in France for one main reason and that was they were perfect for barrackading and defensive structures and were Successful in halting the Revolutionary forces that would have plagued France on a regular basis

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