"Data Mining" via Corona Tests? NCSC director suspects BGI: RT

[Edit: sorry for the noise, it’s an older article: march 2021. I first thought I should delete my post, but that’s no better solution…]

Here is an RT article (German edition) about DNA data mining and the Beijing Genomics Institute (present in “more than hundred countries and regions”).

RT provides a link to Reuters, explaining that BGI collaborates with the PLA. BGI signed also a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since 2012 (Politico).

RT refers also to US-officials including NCSC director William Evanina suspecting BGI to be a Trojan Horse running genetic “Data-Mining”. (The article has more links, including a YT link which is … “not available”, at least for me).

Lines up with the big pressure to do DNA for ancestry research.


Being dumb enough to “test” is dumber than getting the death vaxxx.

Let’s discuss.

What would you like to discuss?

Agree that doing the DNA thing for ancestry is just - well - stupid. But, there were a lot of people who did it, some I didn’t think were stupid, but… Some people I thought were smart got the shots.

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If you’re dumb enough to test for their “virus” - you’re dumb enough to take their venom.

How about this discussion?

Was advised by doctor not to get tested for antibodies. Everything is off.

For example the VP was just sworn in as president - heard on the car radio.

So Peter, thinking you are JPF’s orthodox friend right?

Wondering about all this interest in following Steiner. Is he like a denomination founder like Wesley, Calvin, Luther, Smith???

A lot depends of what you call “dump”. Intelligence can apply to many different issues, so being complete genius wrt A, you can be a complete idiot wrt Z. You might know the “9 types of intelligence” ?

I’ve even come to the personal conclusion that one type of intelligence often lowers another one: because being eg of superior intelligent wrt to Sciences, it enables one to get along in life, so one doesn’t see or feel the need for developping stronger social or spiritual intelligence.

From my point of view, nowadays and specially concerning the Scamdemic, the political intelligence is typically stronger for the working class and people in contact with reality, although they might have less developped “academic intelligence”: they shall trust their intuition, whereas Science and University is often a process of loosing and contradicting daily life intuitions…

I believe the Peter’s are confused.

I cannot consider myself “orthodox” in any way. If anything, I consider myself unorthodox for NOT putting my faith in Corporate Science-- as that appears to be the consensus religion. But, I really don’t know what orthodox means.

IMO you are correct regarding the dangers of the test and the injection. With what is known and unknown regarding both, I know that I don’t want either.

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