Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo comment…

From Oct. 14, 2021, video clip “Biden official on supply chain crunch: ‘Bumps along the way’ to reopen economy” from ABC News, where Stephanie Ramos speaks with Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo on the Biden administration’s response to the supply chain crunch and rising prices.

At the minute, about 5.45, Adeyemo mentions that “today we face an economy” that “is in transition” and

“the reality is that the only way we’re going to go to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated”.

  1. Is the economy in a transition? To what?
  2. Why does the entire world needs to be vaccinated to “work through” this transition?

6uild 6ack 6etter

The beast system.

Probably ties into the new “chips” that are being manufactured[and on hold]; to be released at later undisclosed date; as those chips seamlessly integrate w/the hidden liquid nano-mesh being injected. Once in the human body; another technology will be able to inject “x,y,z” wirelessly worldwide[using an updated version of Dr. Rife’s technology ?
In this new “normal”; every time there’s a new variant, the “medical researchers” develop new mRNA vaccine frequencies in response.
He or she will have an invisible tattoo that has a complete continuous vaccination record that is updated instantly[w/injected nano-mesh & new ubquitous chips in IoT’s & IoB’s.
Required for transportation, jobs, shelter and soon breathing oxygen.
As oxygen can be stripped wirelessly using tie-in integrated frequencies.
Without the imbedded passport; a person would be denied access to all forms of contactless automatic services, even if the health checker scanned them green[virus free].
That’s the near future “they” are shooting for.

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Is that why I’m not getting any of the packages I’ve ordered?

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