Diana west on current situation

I’ve posted my admiration for the political-historical scholarship of Diana West before on this website, and her most recent observations are very telling:: “I keep having trouble developing narratives of my own. I was thinking about this. I think the problem right now is that there are no protagonists. There are no champions. If there are no protagonists, then there is no contest. There is no movement coalescing around push back when multiple tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries (go unreported?). Trump has absolutely thrown himself in with the globalists. its going to take years to come to grips with what he has done.”


I disagree about no protagonists. Depends on where you’re looking for them- and if anyone is waiting for the captive media to prop one up, good luck on that. Someone to rally around would be completely counter the current agenda. I think we had our little flirtation with a demagogue with Trump, been there, done that.

Del Bigtree, Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr Jane Ruby, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Larry Palevsky, I could go on and on. Kennedy and Del Bigtree have pretty major high production value presentations with access to some heavy hitters. These folks aren’t a flash in the pan either - I’ve known of Judy Mikovits as a personal hero since well before the paper in 2009 I think it was, giving proof of xenotropic retroviruses associated with cancers and neuroimmune diseases, of which I have one (for over 30 years duration). It’s since been proven that all “vaccines” are contaminated with these cancer causing retroviruses and have been for many, many years. She’s been boots on the ground for many years and in complete integrity. She’s not alone. And neither are we once we can turn away from the authority of “The Screen” and begin to look around and think for ourselves - and even more critically, take responsibility for ourselves.

I think our way forward is finding our courage internally and bootstrapping from there, finding kindred souls on the journey. Time to be our own authorities and step up to the plate - it’s an inside job, not a bandwagon. There is indeed a contest, a highly individual one - for and within our souls. This is a paradigm change and the previous tactics and strategies will help to prop us up on the way, but the change will arrive from within to be reflected without - and what a miracle and amazing thing that is and will be. For make no mistake, we are NOT victims unless we make that choice.

A last thought, one I heard years ago and have proved to myself many, many times: we are way-showers, not way-draggers.


I am counting on my being right about this situation. I will leave it at that.

Well and eloquently said… I think part of the problem is most people have gotten used to waiting for a savior. There are many heroes, but I don’t believe any one person is going ride in and save the day. This is a moment where the masses need to learn to be their own saviors.


of course you are right. the quote was taken somewhat out of context given that her remarks went for ten or more minutes. in another portion, she said, “where are the people of national prominence standing up for the people.”