Dick Durbin - Treason

Finally, after years of predicting the conscription of illegal aliens to bring force to bear on Americans, the ambiguity of the political scum is now transparent.

Used to be, those who entered the country legally could become citizens if they joined and honorable completed military service. It allowed them to turbocharge the process of becoming American citizens.
Now they want to extend the offer to anybody who crosses the border? Guess the military will to have publish all material in five or six languages…
Ummm I guess that would really make us an “Open Society” per the world rulers. And our own representatives are signing on to this program?

When I served in the 80’s, that program was in full swing, especially for those from the Philippines. I served with MANY Filipinos from boot camp to my discharge. Most stayed in for 20 or more to get retirement, as it was such an improved standard of living for them at the time.

Having unvetted illegal aliens join the military is insane. I can’t imagine being stuck with a roommate or working for someone senior that has no loyalty to the country. Not saying all immigrants are bad, but this is far worse than back in the early days of the all-volunteer service when juvenile delinquents were given a choice between jail or the military.

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Durban has always been a traitor. The problem is that most of his fellow congressmen are too.

The insanity of illegals in the military doesn’t sound so crazy once you convince the people to flood their cities with unvetted 3rd world military-aged men. The next civil war should be breaking out in three… two … one …

It must be emphasized that a central concern is the possibility that certain Israeli groups might be training numerous undocumented immigrants at hidden locations near the southern border. This could potentially intensify the existing martial control in the US, ultimately diverting resources from overburdened taxpayers towards the objectives of specific projects in Ukraine and the Middle East e.g. New Khazaria.