Died Suddenly, the documentary

Many in here probably got notification of this new documentary, as I did earlier this month. I doubt it will last online for long, so just in case here is the link. It is a VERY confronting doco…the damage from the shots is real and growing, sadly. To all of the unjabbed in here, stay strong…the pushback against people like us will get bigger I think, and we may be even more alienated from the ‘general population’ than before. To all of us with family and friends who have taken the shots, my heart goes out to you…things are likely to get tougher in terms of relationships, though I pray this isn’t the norm for all of us. IMO, as the information in this and other documentaries calling out the whole jab eugenics project leads to more people becoming aware, the Cabal will try even harder to maintain their evil project. Maybe it’s building to some sort of head, I don’t know…what I do know is that I am determined to maintain my position of being an anti-vaxer. Watching this one brought me to tears, but it also strengthens my resolve!



Cult members have no reverse gear…


This was hard to watch. It has left me with great sadness. The proof seems to be overwhelming. We have caught them on their lies.
How is this going to end?
I fear for my sisters, family and friends. Everybody except me has taken the jab and the boosters.

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I will watch this later tonight. I’m sad to see so many people in my previous circle of friends continue to virtue signal about the shots whilst ignoring the growing body of evidence that this was never about protecting the health of the individual.

Apart from the obvious division it has caused, it has been a psychological trauma for me. Watching the blatant propaganda and remixing of language to forge a path through any public outcry.

I was listening to some early Genesis songs recently and this lyric comes to mind.

“Can you tell me where my country lies?”
Said the uni faun to his true love’s eyes
“It lies with me!” cried the Queen of Maybe
For her merchandise, he traded in his prize