Dirty bomb false flag event to IGNITE World War with Russia

A strange game, it would be better not to play it but… :thinking:

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And this war is brought to you via YouTube otherwise we would not know anything.


MSM learned in the 1960’s and 70’s, don’t show the bodies and gore on television, not good for business. Even now YouTube won’t allow.

Dirty bombs are propaganda, in both the practical and the media sense.

Every single country that attempts to explore or acquire nuclear weapons, investigates whether you can make a bargain basement version that actually does something, by using conventional explosive to disperse radioactive material.

They all come to the same conclusion: mole hill, not mountain.

On the media hand, dirty bombs do scare the crap out of the average punter who gets their news from the TV.

So dirty bombs, or even the idea of dirty bombs, just couldn’t be any more perfect for a false flag.

It’s kind of interesting that it hasn’t happened already, if you think about it. This is a potentially consciousness shocking event within the reach of many “non state actors”, and the media would not be able to resist amplifying it over and over, ad nauseam etc.

I make no comment on the Russia aspect.


Example, the constant video footage of the Twin Tower plandemic shown on TV and elsewhere. Shock and ah.

So a clean bomb is one that isn’t radioactive but still scatters you like ‘flying mints’ when struck? Clean or dirty, they all serve the same evil purposes, death and destruction.


The ethics of using a dirty vs clean bomb, can it get any more absurd?


Got to keep their perfect record.
“They” engineered WW1 & WW11 and many other wars and conflicts.
They aren’t stopping their profiteering, just because they might go extinct.

Common Sense is the one & only virtue, they absolutely abhor!

Who need aliens; when they’re royally manufactured here on Earth?


Meh, radioactive fallout is fake news…
Maybe we need a nuclear false flag to show people that the radiation isnt such a big deal??

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Okay Soup, you can go first & show the rest of us.
If your ba!!$ don’t shrivel up & fall off, I’m sure we’ll all feel a whole lot better.

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Is that so? :thinking:
You mean, for example, like the incidents in Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc.?
They were harmless non-radioactive false flags? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I agree. They are propaganda. Until they are used. Then they are certainly not propaganda.

I was a bit sarcastic but just a bit…
No doubt nuclear radiation exists and is probably not super healthy in the long run.

But from what we learned Fallout should stick around for many many years.
However from what ive heard this has never been the case after any nuclear test or incidents.

I could be wrong and havent really any first hand information.
But several sources claim that Fukushima, Chernobyl etc isnt really dangerous to hang around at.

So i def think radiation is a thing, but like many other things the real effects have been overblown to create fear.

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From what little I can remember of my chemistry in college, it depends upon the type of release & the fuel used. Ex. Chernobyl would have long lasting effects, whereas the effects of a bomb, in the general sense, would last a couple of weeks to a month.

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I honestly have no idea, someone wrote those books and we dont know how true the data they used was.

I dont really think someone could become a high level nuclear scientist without getting secured by some shady agency.

Just like with the covid “science” i suspect they have lied about what radiation is and does for various reasons.
Nuclear power seems to be quite clean and safe and using it at full capacity would not be in the best interest of the deepstate.

Also both Fukushima and Chernobyl seems to be false flags provoked by the deepstate for some agenda.
(after the Chernobyl incident they were forced to switch their fuel to exklusivly using nuclear fuel from Westinghouse which is very connected to the Wallenbergs and i also think Henry Kissinger(Edit: it was Donald Rumsfeldt not Kissinger) had a seat on their board at some point)

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Well one can now visit Chernobyl and/or buy a house there and live there, purely to prove that Chernobyl was a false flag,for example someone like you!I am sure they are cheap for sale,due to the their irradiaton levels! :smirk:
I am old/or young enough to share memories from the time of the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, and the recommendations, for example, from the state authorities then through TV to wash the vegetables regularly, for example, and of course how much it is possible to darken or hermetically close the windows of the houses possible.
It was still such a stable country and it was called Yugoslavia.
This was recommended by the then existing Civil defense, or National defense to be precise.
It should be noted that Yugoslavia had its own thermonuclear power plant in Krsko Slovenia, and an Institute for Nuclear Physics in Vinca in Serbia, wich still exists,now in Serbia.
They were serious nuclear physicists and scientists, these recommendations came from them.
But you think as you want, depending on your age and level of education.
Аnd you can be sarcastic all the way,that would not change the scientific facts regarding the radioactive effect of nuclear incidents.
What is unfortunately called the deep state in alternative circles is here and exists only for the purpose of concealing and minimizing the real consequences of radiation during nuclear events.
And that’s it in this section,of things!

Im not saying i know anything about radiation…
Im merely putting the idea out that the probability of them lying about its effects is very high.

If you dont beleive that basicly noone gets to the top of any field of science(or media,politics etc) without being controlled then thats your view.

But since there is evidence that the deepstate makes blackmail files on most people with any kind of power.
Then my suspicion is that they could never afford to have some renegade nuclear scientist talking about these things without a script.

Just speculation though, however its based on patterns from alot of data and how they behave in most cases.
They are not really creative with their methods, if you break down one incident or event its quite easy to find others with basicly a identical way of operation.

I copy/pasta this from another thread here.
It gives some insight into Chernobyl and who made the series about it on hbo etc.

Chernobyl, Wuhan & Bannon


Join now, because now it’s starting to pull the sails …

Of course, Investor did not know about this at all because that is just the way it is … and if it were the case that they are involved in these contexts, then of course it does not matter at all and it does not open up the possibility that they themselves are behind having staged the whole spectacle because the intelligence services would never arrange such an event …

"They mainly had a biological Chernobyl in Wuhan, but the focus, Ground Zero, was around the Wuhan laboratory, in terms of accident rate. And just like Chernobyl, you also had media coverage - reporting with the state apparatus to itself and just to protect itself. himself. "

Another time not so long ago, the National Security Adviser in the United States said something worth remembering, if one still does not understand what is to come about Chernobyl …

That ABB-Westinghouse / Investor was the big economic winner of the Chernobyl disaster should no longer be unknown to anyone, just as strategic planning for synergy effects should not be allowed to be so unknown to so many, when it comes to controlling geopolitical developments. .

That, of course, there were Swedes - the Deep State - behind the HBO series about Chernobyl, no one should have missed it, not even if they had not seen the series - as signed - and it is now completely clear that Robert O’Brien also have that thing just as clear for themselves. In fact, he does not think it was China in general that did either that series or rig the course of events in Chernobyl! He, just like Donald Trump, knows that this now and then is about the Deep State, that this very passage is transcribed in the article actually says the rest.

It was a cover-up and one day they would do an HBO series like they did with Chernobyl about this virus !!!

" This was a virus that was unleashed by China. There was a coverup that someday they’re going to do an HBO show like they did with Chernobyl on this virus, "Robert O’Brien, the National Security Advisor said on CBS ’ “Face the Nation” Sunday. O’Brien was referring to the 2019 miniseries that dramatized the 1986 explosion of a reactor at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine and the response from Soviet officials. "

SvD wrote BTW, among other things, about collaborations in research, when Wallenberg brought China’s most advanced lab equipment for corona tests …:

“Something that all the people interviewed in this article highlight is that you want to avoid holding extra meetings and snatching personal contacts at Chinese universities almost every time a pandemic strikes.”

Steve Bannon said yesterday that “defectors cooperate with intelligence agencies in America, Europe and the UK”

When the chairman of the Wallenberg Foundations Peter “Poker” Wallenberg arrives at the famous meeting at Täcka udden, it has been said “with the conviction that corona is primarily an internal problem in China”, and that the biggest problem for the Swedish part is that it will to be difficult to import components from Chinese subcontractors … as a partner in Panda Electronics together with the Deep State In China - Jorå serru …

Just a couple of days earlier, the soon-to-be-famous state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said in an interview in SvD that the risk of a general spread of infection was moderate …

That Bannon missed Investor’s role in the context, yes not possibly for other than pedagogical or tactical reasons now in that case …

However, Siv Andersson will quickly take them all out at the meeting out of the delusion that the corona will stay in China. When lunch is served on Täcka udden, the boat with the golden bridge glides past outside the window. Peter Wallenberg brings the conversation back to today’s topic, and he can state pragmatically that corona was something the foundation must keep an eye on and where it probably has to act. Yes, that was probably the case, so to speak … and that Golden Bridge undeniably seems to have a high symbolic value …

  • Siv is a good educator, so we were really scared to death when she finished her drawing. Now I take a little, but our conclusion after that meeting was that everyone will get this. The important question was to ensure that the curve is as flat as possible, Peter Wallenberg says later about the meeting.

Just before midnight on April 1, a SAS plane landed at Arlanda with a total of five tonnes of machines and other test equipment. It would not have been easy to get everything from China to Sweden.

Along with the equipment, a number of technicians who would help set up the equipment must fly with it. It would prove more difficult than expected in the “corona times.”

At first the idea was to fly via Hong Kong, but in that case the technicians had been quarantined according to the new rules. They then managed to book a seat on a KLM plane via Shanghai to Amsterdam, but when it was time to board the plane, KLM refused to let the staff on board. It is still not clear why.

  • and we really can not imagine what this could be about in reality …

In the end, they managed to charter a SAS plane that could fly directly from Shenzhen to Stockholm, while the technicians took a Lufthansa plane via Frankfurt.

Finally, Laura Bergtoft from the Wallenberg Foundations was able to receive the broadcast late that evening and state that everything had arrived as it should.

It was personal contacts and the network built up within Scilifelab that made it possible to place the order anyway.

  • There has been a huge demand for these reagents internationally, but since we have personal relationships with many of these suppliers for many years, it has made it possible for us to receive fast deliveries, Mathias Uhlen told SvD

“The thing was built with French help, so do not think that there aren’t some monitoring devices in there …”

“The thing was built with French help, so do not think that there aren’t some monitoring devices in there …”