Discussion of End Times from an Orthodox Perspective

This discussion between Jay Dyer and ZeeeMedia about the End Times was very interesting to me. Jay Dyer is Orthodox, but not sure what she is. Actually, her site has a lot of interesting interviews. She is Australian. Jay Dyer – NWO, The Bible, End Times, Antichrist, Babylon and Mark of the Beast - Zeee Media


I really like her too. She has a channel on Rumble as well dealing with a variety of subjects.

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It’s really John McEnroe vs the prissy fem leftist cultural elitist wimbeldonite judge/referee Richard Ings. A very typical exchange in the day. Back when Americans gave tennis a chance, in which it failed, and is a relegated form of time wasting. Even when proven incorrect, he’d add insult to his arrogance and just awards points to McEnroe adversaries as were told he’d get standing ovations from the other umpires when he entered the room!! Imagine that!! Being wrong proven such with replays, yet still empowered to punish, not only upholding the obvious incorrect original call, but also doubling down and reincorrrctly assigning a call to the loser. Lol lol wrong plus incorrect plus wrong equals? You guessed it, tennis lol lol lol played on lawn lol lol lol I look at the disbelief in these old videos lol aussies riled up hating McEnroe overlooking the fact he was correct on not only the call but also his take on tennis officials. This I bring up as someone who enjoyed playing tennis but I hated the people. Fraternity flucks with time and money for golf. I have answer for golf courses, it’s my motocross bike. Beyond that close them both, golf courses will be govt housing soon, tennis courts converted to basketball in most cities already?! No wonder, Conners Becker McEnroe borg lol lol lol Lendl I can’t believe I remember anyone after Stan smith rod laver the lefty Arthur Ashe with the coolest racquet until conners steely t3000 my choice for serves…the petulant affected tennis community makes me Ill still, and reminds me of politics as the administration is like the McEnroe dilemma yah your right, shut up, and pay your fine, well F You !! Right? I’m not drinking your bs judges referees lame stream media catering to zero IQ zombies brainwashing them into violent threats pointed at regular folks, thx dumbombo