DJ and J. Warner, newest interview. He finally showed his cards

J. Warner has never impressed me much, since he mostly regurgitates, stuff he reads in dr. Farrell and others books . But this time something caught my attention. The way he emphasized JFK as a naivete and hot head at the same time. This is related to supposedly JFK sharing ufo file with Soviets. Warner condemns it of course, basicly alluding that Kennedy was a traitor.
IMO, this is a part of the narrative straight from deep state.
In this particular conversation there is zero mentioning, that Kennedy together with Khrushchev were trying to kill deep states US and USSR ones respectively
By the time of 60ties, all the loot from WWII was probably utilised on both sides, and the parasite MIC had begun to leech on budgets of USA and USSR.
Maybe, just maybe, that was a main reason for Kennedy’s beef with Deep state. He already started to see USA bankruptcy in the future. Similarly in Russia, Khrushchev wanted to build up Russian middle class but was quickly stopped


It was a lousy interview. Not Daniel but IV was rambling on. If he is pushing the shadow state line they have picked someone without much influence. At least in the spaces where I watch. Glad you posted this.The interview last night smelled a little.


The Deep State, especially their “black sheep mouth piece”, must push the UFO narrative because VonBraun’s prediction would not be possible without it.