Do We Have Rule of Law?

Just read @peter.s.james post “Can We Really Last until 2032?” and think it is very thought worthy. Decided to make this a new topic because of the effort of one poster to divert attention away from the real point of the post. IMO. The original post by peter.s.james is

This is one or the questions peter posted from Armstrong Economics…31 Mar 23

QUESTION #1: Martin,

Since Trump was already not guilty of having the affair (to which Stormy Daniels admitted never took place), does that mean that the New York Court has indicted him on the charges of “being blackmailed”?

In this instance, there is no evidence of a crime. Have read elsewhere that Cohen’s testimony is not evidence of a crime, plus he has proven to be an unreliable witness. Never mind whether you like Tr*mp, on it’s face, there is no crime in these set of facts.

Whether you like Bdn or not: The January 6th - “insurrectionists” - NO WAIT - now called “rioters” or protesters, but in any verbiage - evidence was withheld from the defense - a Brady constitutional violation, videos show law enforcement encouraging the crowd. Some of those arrested are still in jail - no due process - no trial date, kept from medication, their attorney… Denied Constitutional rights; where is rule of law?

Next, people talk about and have taking action about USA being a corporation as a result of defaulting on loans from the City of London and its citizens being the collateral on the loan. Some are looking to equity courts for petition of grievances. But, do we have rule of law? Equity courts arise from English common law, but does rule of law - any law - exist for all? If Equity courts rule in one’s favor, who’s going to enforce it - is there rule by a law or something else?

Are laws applied; are laws enforced? Does anyone - in authority- recognize statues, articles in the Constitution? Are there punishments for some but naught others - depending on your political or moral point-of-view?

Recently reading about the trial of Jesus by the Jewish and the Roman courts, before he was pronounced guilty and murdered on a cross. Based on the laws that applied at the time, the evidence from two - three witnesses came from 1 person who was paid 20 pieces of silver - that was it. There were people in the Jewish government who wanted him killed and he was, never mind the law (religious and secular); never mine the evidence.

There are numerous news stories where citizens have been harassed, assaulted, arrested by a team of heavily armed government agents, …

Are we still a nation of laws? If we aren’t what are we?


Parasites in hunger-panic mode?


To me, it’s clear we are not a nation of laws.

The Bill of Rights has been ignored or whittled away to the point of insignificance. Free speech? Freedom of assembly? Warrants? Due process? Who needs them!

Laws are written by Swampington lobbyists and clueless so-called representatives pass those laws “so they can see what’s in them.”

The regulatory apparatus has been captured by the industries it’s supposed to regulate – Big Pharma being the most in-your-face example.

The political and cultural divide between right and left, which has been inflamed by a criminal propaganda machine otherwise known as the media, is so great that partisan politics comes before everything else, including the law. The judiciary hands down important rulings based on personal political bias.

The country is run by and the for the benefit of a coterie of financial oligarchs, the military-industrial-intelligence complex, and a handful of other oligopolies (Big Tech, Big Ag, etc.).

To quote Dr. Farrell, we’re “a banana republic with nukes.”

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True and so many don’t see it. They keep thinking things are going back to a better place.