Dominique Strauss Khan revisited

This article was posted on The Saker about the conspiracy against Dominique Strauss Khan.

It’s relevant to current geopolitics, detailed and well written with citations.

I think this community will find it as interesting as I did, and will probably have some theories of their own.

Here’s a taste:

But much worse than this, DSK was strongly recommending that nations abandon much of their income tax regime and draw their revenue from inheritance taxes on the extremely wealthy. A suggestion like this to the same nations that house the Rothschilds, Sassoons, Warburgs and Sebag-Montefioris would be equivalent to a declaration of war. Almost as bad, DSK was also on record as stating that the FED’s excessively loose monetary policies (directed from the City of London) were responsible for the massive transfers of wealth to the top 1% in each economic cycle. He stated flatly that it was the FED’s excess liquidity that causes the sharp rises in inequality “because that liquidity does not fall into every pocket”.


Sure the “extreme wealthy” have a loop hole or two card to play in that event.

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