Dr. Malone Speaks About Controlled Opposition Rumor

Good discussion and insight into his role and speaking out. I suppose hanging out in the laboratory all the time can insulate a person to the real world antics. Never too late to learn and be red pilled.


Along these lines, a great moment in George Webb’s discussion with Tommy Carrigan, where Tommy said, “I assume everyone I am able to speak to is a Fed.” George’s answer was priceless: “You can beat this with one hand, with a hamburger in one hand, doing multiple research with the other.” Metadata analyst. Fun guy.

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Just who CAN you trust nowadays with all the propaganda thrown against the wall?


That was the fairest and most engaging interview that I’ve heard with Dr. Malone (who is relentlessly smeared by the msm) and I liked his recommendation that all politicians and office holders who are students and graduates of Schwab’s WEF indoctrination program should be register as foreign agents.


7GrainsOfSalt exposes all of them. I have first-hand experience with the #LWO who are involved in crimes against me - operating in the anti-vax pro-medical freedom (which I am) groups. We all have to remember they are operating in the Hegelian dialectics in every scenario.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are both diseases. Choose neither.

The LIEght World Order for which many are falling…Be smarter :brain: than their tactics.

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Dr. Malone

Joe Rogan

Charlie Kirk

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Christine Cain

Joel Olsteen

Kabuki Theater

Operation Warp Speed


Sasha Stone

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Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


Thanks, never been one to jump on anyone’s band wagon or join a movement. The existence of evil allows good to be cast as evil and evil as good. I go with the idea God gave you life, what you do with it is up to the individual.

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Agreed, but ‘tis difficult to do when a chilling effect climate is omnipresent.

There is also a new interview with Dr. Malone, by Greg Carlwood, up on thehighersidechats.com .

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It brings to mind that famous line of graffiti… “Paranoia is when you think everyone else Isn’t”…

Could be the free will caveat we were given to do good or do bad and distinguish both.