Dr. Phillip Buckhault's Testimony on (plasma) DNA Contamination in Pfizer's mRNA Vaccine

it began earlier this year when Kevin McKernan shared his findings on DNA Plasmid Contaminants through his substack. These findings caused concern because governments and regulators around the world have consistently reassured the public that the Pfizer’s experimental COVID Vaccine does not modify an individual’s DNA. This is because, according to the regulator’s explanation, the vaccines contain only mRNA instead of DNA. However, in early 2023, Kevin discovered traces of DNA Plasmids Contaminants in the Pfizer and Moderna vials, which raised alarm.

His findings were profound, providing definite proof of a pharmaceutical product being out of specs.

Many simply brushed off Kevin’s findings as fear-mongering. One of the biggest problems with the current medical fiasco we are experiencing today is that conversations and discourse cannot progress due to people attacking each other and resorting to name-calling instead of genuinely seeking the truth. However, the truth eventually comes out over time, although it took longer than expected.

Kevin’s findings were eventually reproduced across several independent labs, one of which is run by Dr. Phillip Buckhaults, a molecular biologist and cancer genomics expert from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Buckhaults was alarmed at the findings of DNA contaminants, and what’s admirable about him is his courage to address what he found, despite being seen as “pro-mRNA” (as evident in the clip above, Dr. Buckhaults is a fan of mRNA technology).

The problem with the “vaxxers and antivaxxers” war is that it has become so toxic that nobody wants to investigate anything for fear of being attacked or having their careers and livelihoods derailed for speaking out against the “official narrative.”

On September 14, 2023, Dr. Phillip Buckhaults testified before the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee, shedding light on the issue. Expressing surprise at the presence of DNA Contaminants in the vaccines, Dr. Buckhaults highlighted the urgent need for thorough investigations. Furthermore, he acknowledged the challenges in determining the cause of suspicious deaths following vaccination, making it difficult to attribute them to COVID or the vaccines themselves.

Dr. Buckhaults proposed that further investigation and genetic analysis of vaccinated individuals, specifically examining stem cells, should occur to identify any potential genetic modifications. Integrating plasmid DNA into the genomes of stem cells can leave lasting effects such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, raising concerns about the long-term impact of the vaccine.

With regard to booster shots, Dr. Buckhaults expressed his hesitation to receive them until he can ensure they do not contain DNA plasmids. This cautious approach underscores the need for careful evaluation and verification of the CDC-recommended booster shots.


Indeed, it is such an effective tactic. Thank you, @Ellie for the excellent overview.

Looks like not all the best minds are employed by the depopulation cartel.

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