Dutch election results

Seems the many party system and the two party system ads up for the normies as going nowhere!
Going to be fun seeing Geert Wilders trying to form a coalition!

Well deserved.
Lets not forget that Geert Wilders is still living under 24 hour protection, he is not able to go anywere without security, he is still living in safe houses and doing so ever since the filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered in the street of Amsterdam in 2004. He received multiple fatwa’s. There has been multiple attempts to kill him.
Same happened to Ayaan Hirsi Ali although she moved to the US and seems to have a bit more freedom now compared to Geert Wilders.

His victory is huge. I think the war in Israel helped him to win even more seats. A lot of people in the EU were shaken by all the pro Palestina demonstrations in Europe.

Will have to see if Geert Wilders is beholden to someone of the nominalistic ideology faction? I fear that is so, and to placate the multitudes they are getting the wish of a right wing swing for better optics leading to the same nefarious agenda allready unfolding. If Geert Wilders gets a coalition in tandem with a VVD, then we will know for sure.

I see nothing but the Babylon 5 scripting, chaos vs order and a choise between those no-choises!

At least there will be a shift. It is a relief that Frans Timmermans will not be the prime minister of The Netherlands. If VVD joins it will be a matter of time that they blow up the coalition. I hope there will be a construction possible wiithout a cartel party.

My vote went to the Forum of Democracy (Thierry Baudet) since they are the only political party who were critical during the Covid madness. They faught hard to disrupt the process. They remind me of the child in the emperors new clothes story. They keep everybody on their toes. They have been succesful in waking people up. We need as much of them possible in the opposition. Unfortunately they lost 3 seats yesterday.

If I where Dutch, I would have voted for Thierry Baudet too.

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The uber woke idiot party Bij1 seems to have lost all seats which is nice. And D’66 lost a lot of seats. Unfortunately there are a lot of D’66 judges in The Netherlands so that remains a problem.

Did you see the tweet from Marion Koopmans (Dutch Fauci and also D’66) yesterday regarding Freedom of speech? Wow! What a remark!
She does not want Freedom of Speech. Only her speech and her friends speeches are important. I hope she is gone now thanks to Wilders spectaculair win.


Wonderful, another civic nationalist cuck and rabid Zionist.