“Earthshine” from the Moon shows our planet is dimming

Interesting article and chart (below), It makes sense in terms of earthshine decline, as chemtrail activity went full-bore in 1998 (based on my own observations and as documented by Elana Freeland).

From the article:
“Whether natural or human-induced, the measured cloud reduction exposes Earth to more heating from the sun. This small boost in radiation “manifests as many different symptoms, from temperatures rising to droughts, heat waves and sea level rise—what we see as climate change,” Raghuraman said.”

I couldn’t agree more. I believe the author and I would disagree on the source of “human-induced”.


Did you catch Rchd. Hoagland’s info that there is a glass structure around the Moon?!
Supposedly, this last Moon Landing put the device inside the glass structure so we can see the light reflecting off the glass. :thinking:

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