"East Germany Moment" coming for the Ukraine as currency sinks?

As the Ukraine enters into default and the hryvnia sinks, Alexander Mercouris says: watch for hryvnia-ruble parity with respect for the dollar. This might enable Russia to simply buy out the Ukraine, much as Kohl did when West Germany offered to exchange East German marks at par. This was an offer Berlin could not refuse, and which led to the dissolution of that country, as Joseph has often discussed.
(from 12.50 in the video)

Did West Germany first bombed and leveled flat their Eastern neighbor for 6 mos. and then offer to buy them out.?
Ukrainians first will sell their country to Chinese before they sell a bushel of wheat to Russians. The bond between two countries that started at Pereiaslav treaty about 400 years ago is irrevocably broken. UKR has firmly turn their eyes to the West.

Give Zelensky a few months more and all of ukraine will beg Putin to smoke him out and erase ukraine from the map.

Putin will have to smoke out Monsanto, Cargill & others if reports are true that corporations purchased about 50% of Ukrainian farmland in 2015ish or so.


40 % of all seeds in Russia mainly potatoes, beets, sunflower are imported from West. Organic? I don’t think so, probably all GMO. Thats how pure, non-gmo agriculture in Russia really looks like.


There’s an article somewhere on this site, just a week or so old that talked about how US corporations came in and bought up farmland after the first Ukraine/Russia scuffle.

Yeah, I don’t believe the “protecting organic crops” either. To feed the population, they have to have GMO assistance. Not all GMO is “Roundup Ready”, which is where I think the difference might be.


I saw a report (on iEarlGrey) according to which those land transfers may technically be in the form of leases and not outright sales, which would become possible from 2024.


Doesnt suprise me at all…
However i suspect they have planned for these Corps.

Just like russia is basicly taking whatever companies assets they want in russia, i guess once they control enough of ukraine they are just gonna keep what they killed so to speak.

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