Eating for health and immunity - mRNA coming to produce departments and gardens world-wide?!

Then this.
I’ve seen similar articles, but this is the most recent one.
Didn’t we see this coming?!


Proof positive that the scientific establishment is clinically insane. But trust them… with your life!

They’ve been pushing this for at least a few years now. The real danger is that they might put this into our food without telling anybody. Or that their Franken-plants cross-pollinate with and contaminate all the natural ones.

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Dr. Frankenstein now has a green thumb?
Hold the lettuce and any other mRNA poisons!
Wait, the meat is GMO too?
And the ad said this was a guaranteed good buy.
Well, Goodbye & Good riddance!

No more fast foods, for slow deaths!

Looks like the only way to go,
is to actually know your local farmer.

Unfortunately, the chemtrails are a tough one to by-pass.

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Sadly, if the announcement is like any of the rest, I shudder to think it’s already here.