Elana Freeland: Overcoming Geoengineered Transhumanism Agenda

Overcoming The Geoengineered Transhumanism Agenda w/ Elana Freeland
Hosts are from Alfa Vedic, an off-grid agriculture and health co-op. CAFitts was a guest on their recent Re:Union Summit 2021


Thank you Margaret. Must be 20…

how do I find these interviewers, I’d like to see some more of their interviews

Much wisdom. Not an easy viewing. Also note the psyop campaign against the antiestablishment hippies of the 60’s (cia funded cults to deceive and enslave minds such as rajnish, the cia backed manson affair to frighten those sympathetic to hippie gestalt, infiltration of civil rights movements, etc


Elana just did an interview with Greg Carlwood over on The Higher Side Chats. Members get the full 2hr+ interview

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Greg Carlwood is a cool guy! Here’s a more recent interview “THE RED PILL DISCUSSION” Where Elana is summarizing the essence of her latest work. Red Pill Discussions - Elana Freeland

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