Electrical Frission

I have been following the Electric Universe guys and their predictions/explanations re evidence coming from the images from the JWST; to say the least, those guys are speaking up strongly, with a lot of posts coming my way from that source. Are their comments conclusive? I can’t judge that one, but I do think they have some solid merit to their alternative cosmology and the physics they promote, based around an accumulating body of evidence - one with a long history now too! - that is at least worthy of much greater investigation. The paradigm wheel may be turning yet again :slight_smile:
This post is a good outline of much of the foundation to the Electric Theory, written in pretty simple layman’s terms :slight_smile:

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You may already be aware of this group, beats, but just in case, here is a reference to the Safire project, a group who are engineering on the basis of an electric universe cosmology. No lightweights involved in this project. Interesting outcomes too, if you follow their commercial research: transmutation of elements, for example.

edit: I started reading the attached post and saw W.W. Thornhill is associated with the Safire group. Snap!

Thanks Dogsbreth…yes, I am well aware of the safire project and have seen the vid you post. As I said, there is a LOT coming from the Electric Theory sites and from the Thunderbolts project recently, likely because of the JWST stuff that they claim is more vindication of their work. And, I agree, there are few lightweights among the people I see! I don’t post all the stuff here, merely trying to create some mild awareness for anyone interested. I might put together a submission for vidchat soon just to get Dr Farrell’s take on some of this :slight_smile:

Keep in mind Dr Farrell has made clear his views on catastrophism, so don’t hang your hat on an ‘arms wide open’ response to the Tom van Flanders and co approach to cosmology, to completely butcher 3 or 4 metaphors at once.

Yes, again, I am aware of the Doc’s thinking here. The Electric Theory guys have very different models of ‘catastrophe’, mostly to do with the supposed (by them) recent ‘realignments’ of planets/comets/suns within our local celestial neighbourhood. Their stuff is definitely challenging, but IMO worthy of note, and as they say themselves, in need of extensive further investigation. This one is a perfect example, and for obvious reasons…talk about ‘lost time’ lol! :slight_smile:

Thanks beats, I’ll check that out. Don’t mind me getting all high and mighty, I’ve got my engineering hat on, I’ve read about 100 pages on systems comms engineering specs this morning, and I’m gettting a bit hopped up on coffee.

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That vid is a bit of headwrecker. I’ve heard that sort of thing before, and it seems to flow with the electric universe, catastrophe model all the way until we were only arrived, say, 7000 years ago. Do you think there is a relationship with this stuff and punctuated equilibrium, and even the daring new sci of the Three Body Problem? I have a niggling feeling at the back of my head…

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Luckily for me (or not lol!) my understanding of this ‘science’ is limited. I have no real training as such, so I rely on my intuition and the verbal/written testimonies of the better people that do have an understanding and can explain things in more layman’s terms. Carl Sagan was good at that, as are many other scientists around these days, and yeah, I have read a lot of books over the years (public libraries!) so I at least feel I can follow a good logical, backed-by-evidence explanation to some degree. I’m not up with the Three Body Problem, and punctuated equilibrium is also a ‘maybe’ explanation. I do find a lot of the Electric Theory stuff fascinating, as most of it is predicated on experimental evidence as opposed to computer models and mathematic models - the Safire Project as a good example here - and for me, partly thanks to reading so much of Dr Farrel’s works, is more solid. Another reason I like this area right now is that the ET people keep asking questions rather than trying to establish a new ‘dominant’ paradigm; they readily admit that they don’t know enough and need to keep experimenting and looking. The new Age of Aquarius…EVERYTHING is turning upside down hahahahaha. I may have to come up with a submission for vidchat to get the Doc’s perspective on some of this! :slight_smile: