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Most of you know that I am fascinated by the burgeoning technologies of mind manipulation, from the “soft” technologies and techniques of neuro-linguistic “programming” to the harder technologies of modulating microwaves and beaming words and whole conversations into someone’s mind. As I outlined in my book Microcosm and Medium (available on this website or directly from Lulu),…


I think we will see this technology slowly enter the public domain with the recent announcement of Nvidia Corp projecting an AI automation market of 50 trillion dollars.

How long before AI automation extends to real professional jobs in medicine, engineering and even law?


Not that long. Digitalization of the medical records was a first major step. Second was so called tele-medicine during covid. Now anybody guess what’s third thing to finally push for AI running healthcare.
One more thing, I am noticing a lot of new urgent care facilities poping up everywhere in my neck of the woods. It reminds me of a situation from year or two before covid.

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To finish dr Farrel last thought in the blog: may era of the analogue civilisation is back upon us!. And no it’s not a curse, it’s may daily prayer.

Ironically, the above article may have been written by AI?
“Taken foot of accelerator”; or, “off”?
Hard to tell these days as “proof” reading and editing; add cover the AI “ritter”
Oops! So sorry AI, it’s writer.
ShadowNet, just making fun of the AI phenomena.
Thanks for the link.


I hear ya, oops… you :wink:. I guess culturally even as ‘real’ beings we are always automating, and then losing the knowledge of how things actually work. But someone or something always has the primordial knowledge, and subsequently power to hypothecate wealth and power with that knowledge.