Elite monsters Hunter & Diddy

Hunter living up to his name and Diddy being Diddy; pretty similar behavior from these monsters.
It tells me what “entitled” really looks like, when you are so used to getting your will and what you want, you’re just not normal any more.
Both of them should be imprisoned for life, it’ll be exciting to see if the US justice system is still working at all with their pending cases.
People are shocked over this behavior, as they should be, but very few has mentioned anything about what went down after the door was closed behind these poor girls.
How often does these things happen in hotel corridors, and aren’t they supposed to call the police?
I know Diddy paid 50.000$ and so did probably Hunter, but doesn’t that make the hotel guilty of a crime as well?
They’re supposed to take care of their guests safety, that’s what the cameras are for.
And they are watching these cams constantly, so it’s just not good enough, to let these monsters go free of these crimes because they have money.

If you look closely that is an Asian man and not Hunter ( not that he wouldn’t engage in far worse) also the tattoo is off as well.

Didnt he admit to this happening in the legal papers?