Emails Are Real (About "Can't Find Linked Payment Account")

The emails some of you inquired about which say "we can’t find a payment method for you on file’ are not fraudulent. They’re administrative emails and part of our annual audit of all accounts. When there’s an issue with google and our domain emails, which we use for administrative purposes, we fall back to the @gmail version of the email address. The emails in question are a courtesy request to let you know we need more information to keep the account current. If we can’t figure out what billing account your username is associated with (e.g. if you’ve attempted to obscure it), we downgrade the account until such time as the user helps us locate a record of payment. Most of the time we’ll find a Susan Scott with somescreenname@privacy.whatever is billing as Thomas Peterson with thomasp78978989@yahoo.something and we can put it to rest until next year. :slight_smile:

Any other experiences you’re having with cards/charges elsewhere are unrelated and specific to the individual.