European Parliament declares Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism

In stead of negotiating and trying to resolve the conflict lets add more fuel to the fire.
But what also worries me is this.
What does this declaration mean for all the EU citizens that are against the EU sanctions? Against the involvement by sending money, aid and weapons? The EU citizens who might agree with Russia? Are they now seen as supporters of terrorists? Does this delaration give the EU more power to go after their own citizens?

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I am so tired they can bring in a Judge Dredd style police and shoot, but realistically the average EU citizens doom will be far more painfull and prolonged and that does scare me! Europe seems the “gulag” designated area for hunger, cold, medical and other experiments under digital dictatorship with no way out.

A big open air prison for the “Do What Thou Wilt Thelemites” to play in!