Even Wheel Of Fortune Censored - For Children's Rhyme of the 1820's Thought Crime?

Eney, Meeny, Miny, Moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe.

Seems there maybe a later version some people used.
So, even if you could possibly think of it; is a legitimate reason to censor now.

Thought Crime Just Made Its Debut!
In prime time, no less.

The iconic Wheel of Fortune above puzzle was flagged by the Ministry of Truth.
What will be tomorrow’s new low?


I never learned the tiger version.

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Re-reading Lonesome Dove.
Gus McCrae has a slew off-color witticisms.
For example, his word for beans was Mexican Strawberries.
Did Larry McMurtry’s research pick some of this cowboy lingo up?
He meant the book to be violent in both action, dialogue, setting and introspection.
The depictions were quite accurate; so too, the gallows humor.
And frankly, he was quite surprised at the public’s reaction;
to a book, meant to knock the public out.

Robert Duvall, being interviewed in England said:
“You have your Hamlet.
We have our Gus McCrae”.


I liked the movie “Giant” though I thought it was pretty much an obvious Hollywood social engineering flick created (1956) during the civil rights era. I’ve spoken with some of the older Mexican residents here in south Texas who said there used to be separate drinking fountains in schools labeled Mexican and White. Currently the racial mix is 92% Latino and the balance white and other. I am in the minority, in my neighborhood the only gringo.


I too am in the minority.
Yet, when it comes to knowing what is going on around us Bill;
we here at Giza, may be in a class of our own;
whose relative size, is that of a one-room schoolhouse.

Gus McCrae puts a Latin phrase on his business sign, that’s basically selling cattle and horses.
He doesn’t know the translation; and picks one that looked to be a beautiful Latin motto:
Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit/A grape becomes mottled being a grape.
Or - first a grape, in an individual, concrete sense; then a vine.
Or - that our lives are changed by those around it.


I learned the tiger version.
I grew up with the migrant children, about an even split between whites and Mexican. I don’t think there was much prejudice, everyone was in the same boat trying to make it financially.
I also attended Catholic school where I did recognize prejudice, with the wealthier Italians giving money to the church and treated accordingly.
Yes our lives are changed, by those around us.


I like the idea of a one room schoolhouse where the neophytes mix with the initiates. The students come from all corners of the world, luckily no one has to walk or catch a ride to school or pack a lunch. Just bring an open mind, listen and share what you think.


I grew up in a home that forbid any form of racism. The motto was if one had nothing good to say about someone, try to find something or don’t say anything.


Aren’t Mexicans Caucasian a lot of the time?

Yes I previously viewed this lecture. The classification is probably due to the influence of the Spanish conquest of the Americas as they intermingled with the Natives. Latin/Hispanic is a category for census purposes. A Mexican native looks more like an American Native Indian, flat noses and stout bodies.
Where I live in Hildago County Texas, looking European seems to be the bench mark for attractiveness. Having Spanish ancestors and looking European is a plus in social circles and business. Having blonde hair or blonde stripes, dyed or natural is quite popular with women.

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Hi Bill, my home was the same, I didn’t realize until Junior High School that friends
and their families were less kind.
I think economic status plays a big part of racism. Like the caste system in India and Brazil, it’s accepted and been around for a long time. Social status training and tracking is the goal for our entire planet. People don’t wake up until things affect them personally. My sisters husband (71 years old) just got pneumonia and kidney stones, now she’s asking me to send her info about the “vaccines”. They both got double jabbed. She’s scared and I’m scared for them. My other sister got vertigo after each jab. I tried telling both not to get it.
But why, if ‘they’ can just kill us all off; then why go through all this propaganda of racism, transgender, wars, aliens - why are ‘they’ working so hard to change our norms and values. Why the soft kill over the hard kill.

I don’t know or understand why anyone would want to or be compromised into harming anyone. Perhaps like a good book or movie, they enjoy it so much they don’t want there to be an end? Obviously these folks are not “playing with a full deck”. No one in their right mind would kill, maim and fill history books with carnage of human suffering. Evidently the insanity has been bred into the civilization through the years.

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Oh I forgot to add, a slow kill allows the relatives and friends to dispose of the body and take care of the person’s belongings leaving a somewhat tidy murder scene. (sustainable)
Whereas a mass kill off would leave a stench and ungodly mess with no one for a clean up crew. (unsustainable):sunglasses:

Good point about the family picking up the pieces.
I do believe they use our energy in ways we can’t understand or fathom. Except for love, they don’t have use for positive energy. I think the Roman Colosseum was used for harvesting energy from the grisly deaths of humans and animals, also from the audience highly charged emotions.