Every picture tells a story




Matt Hancock made millions through Insider trading on a known on coming scamdemic…nobody questions this.The penis should be in jail. These people are either complicit /evil or stupid…

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Probably complicit if trading profited on making plans for a pandemic right before it happened.


bets r on the table with 20 chips…

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Hat Mancock is entirely complicit…


oh, many of them starting to feel the heat. it will be a nice ride in the following months as the cracks become gaps, gaps becomes holes, and normies, with appropriate light, see through the sieve.

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One other category many people may be in is mind-controlled and/or manipulated by lies.

Yes. It tells. Sometimes two or more stories. Like for example this picture.
For example, here it tells a story about two predators on planet Earth.
One human very young and hungry,and without any experience how to feed him self.
And the second eagle, older and more experienced, and also hungry,but with more experience how to feed him self.
And now what?

at first i would ask a few questions from the photographer, if i may.

on whom would he feed…

i just swept through before, now my dyslexic eyes r perfect.

Hat Mancock, in other words, Mr. Cone-dome or Monsieur Tenteglans, pardon my French


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There may be few dangers greater in the life of questioners than an exaggerated sense of self importance. The path of the Deceiver is broad: no one on it can ever be wrong or sorry, in need of mercy. Big questions do not entitle one to a merciless heart, either. Idle, insincere questions are beyond annoying …they grieve the heart of God and harm the flow of living with Him kindly. When heartfelt, a question calls for modesty and the courage to wait and live in humility. Blessed are they who hunger for righteousness, for they shall be filled…you know this way, my friend and I’m so glad. xo


That looks like a vulture who eats the dead like the mycelium in the ground, not an eagle.

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Two vultures up in a dead tree, tasting tea.
One vulture says to the other:
“This does not taste at all like Earl Grey.”.


They are spooky birds.

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yep. that’s a vulture. no eagle would ‘wait’ for it’s prey, they grab and take.
and eagles won’t attack humans, i think, only when defending their nest. correct me, if i’m wrong.

should’ve put some milk into it… :wink:


The graph below representing the “Daily COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to date” demonstrates just how successful the truth-telling by the alternative media has been since the various Covid ‘vaccines’ were first recklessly and perilously rolled out on December 11, 2020.

Yes, many folks have been vaccinated worldwide — well over 13.32 billion doses administered thus far — but a vast majority of them will never receive another vaccination again…ANY VACCINE WHATSOEVER.

[13.32 Billion Doses of COVID-19 Injections Have Been

Administered to 5.55 Billion Victims as of March 1, 2023]


this is Our first BIG WIN! noone wants to take anymore of this poison. rejoice!

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thank you for linking, just thought about it a few moment ago, while i was showing it to my s-ex-wife/lover :wink:

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