Everything you need to know about polio as Canada plans to start testing

Sewage as a scare tactic? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. How many ways are there for any “virus” to end up in sewage and let’s not forget somebody putting it there to serve an agenda. Think of the control system TPTB would have if municipal sewage plants had to be quarantined, I mean shut dow.

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They’re beginning to play that song here in U.S. also.

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Good grief… if it isn’t covid 2.0! They started that sewage-testing nonsense during the CV1984 “pandemic.” From the tagline below the article’s title:

most people infected with polio have no symptoms and can still give the virus to others for weeks

Tell me that isn’t a copy-and-paste job from 2020. Also, tell me why society should panic about an “infection” that causes no symptoms in most people.

One of these days, they’re going to start monitoring individual people’s toilets, or the wastewater from individual buildings, to have an excuse for pinpointed lockdowns. Wait for it in the “smart cities” of tomorrow…

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