Evil and Psychopathy; “Political Ponerology” a book

looks very interesting.

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Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of Totalitarianism

– Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Many of the top elite breed to keep psychopathy in the family. It is to keep these traits deliberately.

Amazon Review:

"This excellent book explains accurately the genesis of evil and how it manifests in the human family and what can be done about it. Although the book is not written for the layman, don’t be intimidated, just keep a good dictionary nearby as you get started. After you become familiar with the academic jargon particular to psychology the book becomes easy enough to follow.

Well worth the time and effort. This book needed to have been written a very long time ago! Not to be missed."

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They definitely keep the evil in families for generations. I once read that the mother never nurtures her child, that is for the . The mother’s role was to shatter their mind (mk ultra) as like the mother’s mind was shattered. They know no difference. Generations of abuse. Sad.


I hate to sound like Jack knucklehead in 5 sleazy pieces of A, no in A# lol, but you can imagine my tone right, did ET regress? You know did he/she devolve into a creature who very much like human beings and therefore is but a legacy creature. I feel that watching Linda melted cow tonight, any et, craft left here unattended as if a gift, noooooo. Not really right! They are trading it for something we have or some right like egress? No, they’re leaving it for us to advance on? Man that’s counterintuitive to the max sounds just a bit self defeating. Risky, but then maybe it’s so inferior a technology they laugh and have no qualms about us latching into it, but on some level lol lol yah here it comes, why does my intuition tell me they haven’t any idea how this one works and they’d appreciate us doing the back engineering for them!! After all, the alph gen you see boppin to headphones vapin their minds out, they don’t really have a clue how they work!! They just plug it in, and it’s really easy for my imagination to see a scenario where the mere pilots or only the grunts or flight attendants survived the event and so they present as some advanced type three huge mothership race, but upon closer look they’re for god knows why they are more district 9 prawn than lightbeing at this juncture…

Another worthy companion is book by dr. Scott Peck. MD, “People of the lie”

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Then there are those who specialize in this practice…

I’ve had that one on my ‘saved for later’ for ages. It looks very interesting.

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