Exorcist Speaks of Dem Possession

interesting dialogue with an exorcist.


Here is a recent interview with Father Lampert, Chief Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Apparently, this particular talk received 19,000+ views within the last two weeks!

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Oh wait! But the Latin language has so much power in exorcism. But why? Could it be that by applying the methods of the Latin Catholic Church, such acts of demons are made possible on poor souls who never expected it in the first place?In other words, those demons are released by the Catholic Church itself on the unsuspecting victims? As a kind of manipulation, or experiment or something similar, with all possible mathematical permutations applied?

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Hi Di, there is a lot in your question. I am a chaplain and work in hospital, workplace, and home settings with many different religions and denominations. I have seen evil priests and other clergy abuse their powers. I also know
wonderful priests and clergy who know that their own ranks need exorcism and deliverance. A more interesting question to me about language is what language (s) will we speak in heaven? St. Paul mentions this in his Corinthian letter. Some believe it will be the languages of angels, others are convinced it must be music, still others think it will be languages of love in the heart of God for us and our love for Him. For me, I would like God to include all of those! Alicia


Oh. I see, and I was thinking that you some kind of teacher, lecturer or professor. I can swear that I read something like that, written by you in a post on this forum, something like after evaluating or grading my student papers , which movie to watch in your free time etc. It was something like that or maybe I am wrong?

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Yes, true, Di. Thanks for remembering.

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Well, there are many things we don’t know about the Catholic Church, and its various orders of priests. Who and how and when he did or is doing what. A long time ago I read somewhere, or heard or it was something like a feature film, with the main point that Catholic priests experimented with deceased trying to perform a resurrection on him , or performed an exorcism or something like that sometime during the Dark or Middle Ages i am not sure, and supposedly inadvertently produced the first vampire, or as an unexpected result they got some vampire-like creature that got out of their control or escaped.But maybe it’s just a legend, or a myth.

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Go the way of angels … or demons… Focusing on dynamics of the choice-spectra, with a little help from Rudolph Steiner:


Hi Di, personally, I haven’t ventured much into the Middle Ages in search of clerical predatory behavior. There have been a sufficient number of documented cases in my own lifetime, and in treating patients whose lives have been decimated as children, teens, and adults, both male and female. It’s part of why faith is understandably the brunt of much contemporary ridicule and scorn.