Exposed: The Woman Behind the Censorship of Americans - from Dr. Mercola

In an April 3, 2023, Substack article,1 investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger exposes Renée DiResta as one of the key architects behind the censorship industrial complex (a term coined by Shellenberger himself).

In it, he draws many of the same conclusions I did a year ago, when I dissected DiResta’s “Shooting Starlings” essay.2 In my December 7, 2022, article, I pointed out that DiResta appears to be a key player in the censorship of Americans, and that behind her public persona hides direct connections to the globalist deep state.


She sounds like a cia copy & paste underling. As a VIP (Very Important Pinocchio), I wonder how often she needs to have her nose shortened.

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