Extended New Year's promo: upgrade to member discount

Extra innings on a New Year’s promo: Upgrade from plain subscriber to full-on Giza Member this week and get 15% off an annual membership for life (or as long as the recurring subscription renews).

Promo code is NEWYEAR2. Go to Account > Upgrade to Full Member, Select “Annual” as the option, and put in the promo code.

APPLIES TO RENEWALS: Again, this will apply ALSO to annual renewals as long as payment method is current at the time of renewal.

FOR NON-MEMBERS: This deal is only for people who are not yet full members of Giza with access to the live vidchats, recorded dialogues, webinars, etc.

EXPIRATION: This opportunity ends at midnight January 15th.

If you’ve been on the fence on membership (or know someone who has) this is how to start the new year.