Facebook Login with Vidchat

Our Vidchat text-chat option offers two ways to enter the chat rooms. One is ‘as a guest’ which is what most people will choose. The other is logging in with Facebook. There is no requirement to use Facebook at all, or even have a Facebook account, in order to use the chat rooms. The only requirement is that one have a full Membership to Giza, without which entry to the chat is denied. At no point do we plan to permit or invite the general Facebook population to join the vidchat. If you’d do not use Facebook, because of concerns they will collect your personal data, or would rather not use Facebook to log into chat, please use the “guest” option. Facebook will not be gathering any data from users who do not log in using Facebook. If you elect to log in with Facebook credentials, the use of that option is governed by their privacy policy and terms of service with regard to being able to log in.

Also, please be aware, Facebook is NOT monitoring the contents of our chat room. At best, if you use the FB login option, they know "Bill logged into a chat at 7:54pm on November 19th at gizadeathstar.com (even the domain part is iffy) and Bill has an internal profile at Facebook that says he likes chicken (a LOT!), playing Farmville, and Korean boy bands. And if you’d like to specifically target people with a political ad who meet those criteria AND like chatrooms or the types of subjects at gizadeathstar.com, we’ll let you send such an ad to those people in the aggregate, which might include Bill, unless Bill suddenly pivots to red meat. If you don’t want to see a political ad that has a chicken from Farmville singing a KPOP ballad, don’t log in with Facebook.