Fanny Mendelssohn redux

Hello obscure classical music fans,
Here is a link to what might well be her masterpiece, the Piano Trio in D minor. It is an amazingly beautiful, powerful and moving composition.
It is a shame she was not able to express and develop her genius more, given the constraints imposed upon her as a composer by the prejudices of the times against her sex (not gender :smiley:), as well as her tragically short life:



Thank you for sharing this absolutely gorgeous piece.
Both of us listened to this from beginning to very end.

It is a curious thing about music as a language unto itself - how people can convey inner thoughts based on how they express sound.

What I heard in this piece about what Fanny tried to convey about something that was alive in her own heart during the era in which she lived, is something that I feel about our own era ā€“ about the full force attack on beauty and on truth and on life. Iā€™m sure she saw that going on too, and expressed it through this composition. You can hear the sheer beauty in this piece, and then also, the turbulence of how the minor chords are expressed in some segments of the piece, possibly expressing her own concerns over what was happening to nature and to people at the time. I think we have heard some of that in your own lovely compositions as well.

The lady was a genius, like you say, and thank you very much for finding this piece and sharing it with us.

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So glad you appreciated the pathos, as well as the compositional skill, manifested in this wonderful composition! I cannot speculate as to what it was reflecting in her psyche; I suspect your intuitions are accurate. It was the last major piece she composed, in 1847, shortly before her tragic death from the familial stroke syndrome which took Felix less than a year later (at an even younger age) and which had killed both their parents as well as one of their grandfathers. Do not know if that was related to the clearly unsettled, agitated, pressured Sturm und Drang atmosphere which permeates it, or if she was sensing the massive upheaval coming in the Marxist-inspired revolutions all over Europe in 1848. Probably both/and, as Gizars will appreciate :wink:! And thank you for your kind remarks about my/our musical efforts as well :blush:. We need more beauty, less noise!