Fanny mendelssohn sonata in g minor for piano

I’ve always liked Fanny Mendelssohn’s music (wife of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy). Someone finally posted her piano sonata in G Minor which I’ve not heard in quite some time.


Actually, his sister. She & Clara Schumann, who WAS Robert’s wife, were very competent composers and are finally getting more recognition, as they deserve.
Thank you for posting this!

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Trans-temporal resonance??
I just listened to the wonderful sonata by Fanny Mendelssohn. I was struck by the similarity of the opening theme to, of all things, George Shearing’s Lullaby of Birdland ! If you swing the rhythm, lighten the texture, & interpolate a few notes they seem very similar to my ears, in terms of both melodic shape and the harmonies, especially in the 3rd & 4th measures. Probably just a coincidence (if there is such a thing), but since I do not think this piece was in circulation for Shearing to have heard it in 1951, could it be an example of “trans-temporal resonance”? Probably just wild speculation, but it is an interesting similarity in either case. Check it out (listen to the main theme after the intro, starting @ 00:25) If nothing else, it’s an excuse to hear one of the great jazz standards played by one of the great jazz pianists of the 20fh century :grinning: :


I listened in my car doing errands after Mass…here is what comes to me about that . . .rhythm: time dimension. . .harmony: space . . . melody: extra dimensional. Hence, it could have be accessed musically from a musical “library” beyond space-time . . .no?
Example: Shearing played his way there, yes?

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