Finally a trend I understand...and support

Apparently the latest trend amongst the youth is to block celebrities and social elite’s.
It is of course not one second too late and most of us have wondered why “we” have given these people attention, money and power in the first place.
But now, if this keeps traction, this might actually have an end in sight.
Or at least a change in the culture. Maybe the next generation won’t be as inclined to “sell their souls” for their 15 minutes and some silver coins.
Just maybe it will finally get a healthier place, and hopefully people can start making art for the case of art.
I might be way to naive and positive to this, but I do feel there’s a change on the way, on how we perceive celebrities, and especially the poor stinky ones with no qualities whatsoever.

The so-me’s ( social media generation) says it’s time to stop feeding the narcissism of celebrities (who contributes nothing to society :joy:)
and stop handing them millions for doing nothing.
Enter : Kim Kardashian, who has lost 3 million followers in two weeks.
And it would be weird if it ended there, as it takes some time for these trends to go off, so we will most certainly see this trend grow even more in popularity.
By blocking these people, they lose buzz in social media, it stops them from “trending”, they will be less sought after for commercials, making them make less money on it and this lovely little circle of life will surely continue.
Next people will stop watching their movies and listen to their music.
And if TPTB loses that in to poison and/or brainwash our minds ,and especially our youngest, I think its safe to say they will lose a humongous power over the people.
Seems people are waking up en masse, finally.
So , ask your kid(s) ,if you have, to block some celebrities today and why not lead by example as well?


Great! I’m changing the message on all my SoMe title pages to “I’ll block you if you block me”…

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