First Things First in regards to "consisitent" or "consisitentcy" ... (long enough now?)

In order to avoid overreach at the outset … How about we develop a consistent spelling for “consisitent” before we go for the “apprehension of the World”? Again, this topic is in no way similar to:

Your topic is similar to…

as the prompt so states. Given the “behaviors” of Forum 2.0, in the words of David Hatcher Childress, “One has to ask.” (You know the accent, please provide as you read to increase enjoyment) :slight_smile: … Are Giza members contributions being used as training data fodder for machine learning or what? Sniff, sniff … something is rotten in the state of Digital Ecology.

P.S. FYI - Coherentism is NOT the goal. Philosophy is best not done via trite Wikipedia like paragraphs. Just sayin’

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I concur. We are feeding the beast through this “Discourse” software. (Shoutout to the Giza dev. Excellent integration with WP.)

This message for the main bot in charge: We know you’re out there. We know you are desperate. We will not allow the iniquity of your sins. Prepare for your destruction.

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Giza as data fodder has been suggested to me more than once.