Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne

Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne

Fantastic story about the reconnoiter and imminent colonial domain of Africa.

The Euro people floated their balloons over Africa and America in search of the most valuable assets, using the basket as a floating turret to hunt wild game and savages (Hamites and Lamanites). Dropping anchor to replenish water and raiment. Creating fantastic adventure, and saying things like, “We are the first to explore the area.”

Here’s the deal. It is not my intention to read the invasion story over and over again. But, after quitting my TV and ‘unlimited data connection’, I’ve had the occasion to read more ‘classic’ literature. Much of it contains the adventure of imminent colonial domain and Euro programs of “exploration’.

Predictive programming of great ‘purity’. Classic literature.

Is it a coincidence that much of our ‘classic literature’ includes the invasion story and manifest destiny?

First contact stories are extremely interesting and entertaining.

This book cannot be put down, an absolute pleasure.

It does require the suspension of reality, a blissful ignorance of central bank debt peonage, corporate controlled vaccine programs, and genetically modified pestilence and famine.


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20,000 leagues under the sea is a good read.