Forum format with replies as a tree coming under what they are replying to

I would like to see responses to topics and replies in the threads to follow a tree so that we can see what the comment is a reply to. As it is, all replies just go to the bottom of the thread and there is no continuity sometimes.


This is a good idea to have a tree format instead of a list, that might be difficult to set up though no idea how that could be done.

There is already built in a way to see if a new post is replying to a specific post from before more recent comments in a thread, when this is done the author’s name will be posted at the upper right corner of the new post and if you click that it will show the earlier post being replied to.

Discourse has launched a new feature called “chat threads” that seems sort of like a tree system:

If you are relating a “tree” format to an outline format, I would agree. Some of the main categories might be: Dr. Farrell Works, Secret Space Program, Music, Geopolitical, Energy, Health, Miscellaneous. From there, the outline breaks down to subjects and then specific threads. I agree that the current format is frustrating because some people think copying the latest headline is prudent here (I have been guilty of this myself- for the most part, all of us have.)

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DUH. Tree View is another name for outline. I guess you have to be an old fogey who learned how to create an outline when you write a thesis.

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Looking at the comments on youtube for example, when you reply to someone’s comment, it falls underneath it, but you have to click “view replies.” I would suggest that you would not have to click to see the replies but that they would be spaced in towards the middle of the page to make them obviously a reply to someone’s comment.

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It might already be possible to do that, or if not they could add this as a feature without too much trouble.

Wait no maybe not with discourse, but that could change one day if a lot of people request that feature. A different platform might be better for tree format.

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