Fragments of Planet Theia appear buried deep beneath Africa


A bit late for April Fool’s, isn’t it?

It is probable that the Earth experiences episodic shifts in its crust as part of its geological and metabolic cycles, which are in sync with the 25,000-year cycle of the planet’s orbit, characterized by alternating 12,500-year ascending and descending periods. The hypothesis suggests that the internal structure of our planet may encompass remnants of landmasses that previously supported ancient civilizations. The sun is something like a plasma emitting comet, orbiting a larger plasma emitting central source, with differential plasma density, accounting for the completely distinct gravitational environments associated with the mythical civilizations of the past. Such a geophysics is much easier to reconcile the totally distinct technologies and consciousness levels associated with high civilizations of the paleo-ancient world, and the clear evidence that the earth was at one time, a much smaller diameter planetary body.


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I favor this explanation… Pangea