France's greatest enemy is America-article mentioned by Dr. Farrell to DJ

In Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: Ultimate UFO File!
near the end of the almost hour and a half Dr. Farrell mentions an article someone sent to him that apparently states that currently America is France’s greatest enemy.
Does anyone know where one can find the article? An internet link perhaps?

No one has any idea?

now, if u can give me link to this interview, i would appreciate it. i am member here, but not at DJ. fair trade? :wink:

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Does it matter? USSA seems a proxi of China that also seems a proxi for AI.
Since all important countries in the world are testing CBDC’s, seems every nation on the planet has betrayed earth citizens and shilling for AI and or other interdimensional fiends out to destruct humanity.

I don’t think humanity is rotating on a 70 - 100 year of a painfull patch anymore, but one of thousands in the making if we can’t stop this and nip it in the bud.

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I am a Franco-American, here for more,than half my life. I noticed five years ago that France had the second largest nuclear submarine fleet. It was about the same time as my growing awareness of the repercussions of Operation Paperclip on the US establishment.
France was watching. A few French know what Victoria Nuland said.

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The Apocalypse by Jean Pierre Alaux, 1991…

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With those “deleted” posts I always wonder…
I am ofcourse one of those super curious female types.
So, this person very much knows his way around art as in “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Propably a deleted picture, but what kind?

Usually, the posts are very artsy. Maybe this time around it wasn’t and hence the delete. This is as far as my supposition can go!

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T’was this one :point_left:


I would be lying in that I always understand what you are conveying, but I very much like the artsy way of your reaction. So, keep them coming, I can only learn.

I wouldn’t go as far as “artsy”, I’m just getting to that point where with all our Knowing discourse on the lunacy that’s prevalent…words fail me. So, lately I find myself going “Full Meme”- it’s a reaction of sorts…couldn’t really say what it represents.


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