Reeducation? But I’ve already been to there schools and passed. Did they do it wrong?


I came to a shocking and unwelcome conclusion while studying political theory/philosophy some 40+ years ago in the belly of the beast (Washington DC). My dream of law school and a political career (embarrassing to say) were dashed after two years of comparing these ‘ideals’ to headlines in the Washington Post. And the conclusion was this: America must undergo another revolution. And I was no leftwing revolutionary.

This was a WTF moment, and left me pretty much apolitical. I remembered this a decade later while in the throes of a dark night of the soul. And understood that I was right. But the required revolution was of a spiritual nature, not a political one. And that’s a much bigger get …

I fear no manner of political improvements will solve our ills. At best they may buy us some time, but in the end we are truly in an end-time war of good verses evil. And not simply because we can see the long reach of evil in every facet of our lives. The war in heaven commenced with the choosing of sides, and ended with the Fall. The war for this world awaits us and our collective choosing. And that can only happen with a mass awakening. God help us.


…I have had similar life experiences alg, and have to give a very reluctant but hearty “amen” to your assessments

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Well said, alg. When I read your comments on your experience, I momentarily thought to myself, “This is me, but I don’t remember writing this and posting it” lol. I experienced the exact same thing in DC as you describe. Except my time there was in the late 80s through the late 1990s. I also made the same conslusion at that time that we are cooked and that all this is an End Time spiritual battle of good vs evil. May God be with you and us all.

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Thanks SWT1. We would seem to have much in common.
Cat avatars hahaha
… and by the look of your degrees, the same alma mater…

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